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Climbers are versatile plants and they usually serve the same purpose as shrubs yet taking less space. They bring brightness to your garden and can be used to hide the ugly concrete walls or any other structure that you don’t want to see. Climbers are an easy way to cover unappealing structures with foliage and flowers. These plants require a support system such as a wall or stem of a tree to grow high. Climbing plants are of different types such as annual and perennial. Annual plants last for one season and perennials come year after year. It is suggested to choose perennials because they can withstand different seasons.

Always remember to never leave these climbers uncontrolled otherwise they can block gutters or drainpipes and can also cause structural damage. If you don’t have much knowledge about plants and gardening tools then it may be difficult for you to select plants for your garden and to keep them in a good condition. If it is so then you can hire professionals from companies providing garden maintenance services. Here we are enlisting the best climbing plants that will add beauty and richness to your garden.



  1. Wisteria


Wisteria is an ideal climbing plant for gardens in Dubai. Because it requires full sunlight of spring and summer. This plant looks gorgeous in spring with the grape-like clusters of flowers in purple, blue and white colors. This vine is known to grow faster and more aggressively and can reach up to 3o feet. Wisteria is a heavy vine so it needs sturdy support. In winter the plant bears brown bean-like pods and in spring it is filled with beautifully fragrant flowers.

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  1. Hydrangea


Climbing hydrangea are flowering plants. They are true climbers and can reach up to 50 feet of height on maturity. In summer this plant produces fragrant white color flowers. Hydrangea is heavy vines so be sure that the supporting structure is strong enough to bear the weight of the plant. This plant requires rich well-drained moist soil. They grow best in full sun or partial shade. In an area with a hot summer season choose the northern or eastern side for planting these vines.


  1. Climbing Roses


Most roses have climbing habits and look stunning when grown on walls or trellises. These plants are an excellent way to bring height to your garden. They serve as a focal point no matter wherever you plant them in your garden. They bear flowers in clusters or single, these flowers have a sense-tingling fragrance. Climbing roses can grow from 4 to 12m in height depending on the cultivar you use. These plants repeat-flowering throughout summer thus making your garden aesthetically stunning.




  1. Star jasmine


It is the most popular plant among garden designers because of its gorgeous shiny leaves and star-shaped flowers with a sweet scent. This plant can be trained to grow against walls, over an arbor, or on a trellis. Star jasmine has a flexible stem and can grow up to 9m and can tolerate most soil situations. They grow best in sunny sheltered places. This plant is well adapted to both heat and cold. It is another flowering vine that you can use to decorate your garden arch.

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  1. Clematis


Clematis is an evergreen climber that can keep your garden green all year round. There are many varieties of clematis that produce flowers of different colors and sizes. Leaves of this plant are bronze at the start and then turn waxy green and give an appealing look. These flowers start blooming in early March and April and have an almond-like fragrance. They require moist, loamy, well-drained soil, and full sun to grow best.

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  1. Sausage Vine


Holboellia coriacea, is known as sausage wine because of its pink or purple sausage-shaped edible fruits. It is an evergreen climber that can grow up to 6m. The plant bears pale pink flowers in March and April. This plant requires a sheltered place to grow but to produce flowers it requires sun.


  1. Morning Glory


It is a climbing plant with a slender stem and heart-shaped leaves. They have funnel-shaped flowers that come in white, blue, purple, and magenta colors. These fragrant and colorful flowers are not only attractive for human eyes but they also attract butterflies and birds. They are drought tolerant and can grow up to 10 feet and give a dense look to your garden if used for ground cover.


  1. HoneySuckle


Growing honeysuckle is a fantastic way to give your garden arch a new and beautiful look. They bear yellow or white color nectar-rich flowers and the fragrance of these flowers is strong at night time. For best growth, it requires its root to be in the shade and stem in the sun. it can grow up to 6m when given optimum conditions.

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You can grow these beautiful climbers in your garden to give a feeling of abundance and enhance the aesthetic. If you don’t have time to maintain your garden you can take help from companies providing gardening services in Dubai.

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