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It’s most women’s dream to build a happy family together with a lawful and loving behalf. That’s why we can’t deny the fact that having a cheating or unfaithful husband could be the worst nightmare that any married woman could ever encounter. Many women faced and are facing a devastating ending in the hands of their spouse whom they thought would always remain as a faithful husband. 


In fact, according to a study done by a sociology professor Deborah Carr, likely 25% of married men confessed to sleeping with someone else other than their wives within the marriage. Although there’s no definite reason why men cheat the most, one thing’s for sure, and that there are a variety of reasons why cheating within the marriage happens.


Thus, if you’re a married woman who’s here to learn the tip-offs of a cheating spouse, you may proceed to the next pages. For the married men who are currently on the pages as well, you may change the gender pronouns to match your case. So, read further and find out these red flags that may tip you off about a possibly cheating behalf.

1. There’s lesser time to no more time for sex.

If you notice some changes in his sex drive or sexual behaviour in the past few months or he continues to ignore you in bed, then there might be a problem. Although sex isn’t the only factor to measure the intimacy of married couples, a lesser time to no more sex is still a red flag of a cheating husband. 


Married couples know what comes next as soon as the bedroom lights go off. So, if your husband shows a sign of having lesser affection and changes in sex drive, then that might tell he is sleeping with someone else. 

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2. He suddenly becomes interested in maintaining a physically fit body.

Although putting a healthy and active lifestyle on the to-do list seems acceptable, working out inch by inch can be suspicious. Beyond achieving a physically fit body, a cheating husband might also suddenly pay more attention to the way he looks. The changes in lifestyle or daily routine, trying to look younger or dress differently can be a huge tip-off.  


3. He refuses to go for marriage counselling with you.

Marriage counselling is one of the best ways to resolve an issue within a relationship or to strengthen a marriage. So, if your husband refuses to go for marriage counselling when you suggest him for so many times, then that might be a red flag that he’s falling out of love. 


Married couples must at least visit expert marriage counsellors to fix matters within the marriage that for sure needs some fixing. 


4. Suspicious and overuse of his phone and other personal devices

Do you find your partner’s phone usage very irritating as he spends more time on the screen than catching up with you? If so, then you better know that a suspicious and overuse of phone or other personal devices is also a red flag that he might be cheating on you. 


Although he might need it for work purposes, then you better wonder if your husbands start demanding that he needs his phone even when taking a shower. Seeing your husband spending time on his phone late at night or past midnight is for sure one of the proofs that there’s something fishy going on. 

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5. He stays longer at work than the usual working hours.

A cheating husband will no longer feel happy or excited to stay or be at home with you after a long, tiring day at work. With that, he’ll make a variety of excuses or constant alibis to stay out of your sight. 


And some of the most-used excuses are working overtime, going to work get-together or attending late-night emergency meetings. While some men might work beyond the usual working hours, some use it as an excuse to spend time with someone else other than their wife.  


6. Doesn’t answer random phone calls when you’re around.

Another red flag that may tip you off about a cheating behalf if he starts acting suspiciously towards answering random calls. A cheating husband either doesn’t answer calls or rushes to a distant area while answering calls when you’re around.  


7. Seeks for some “space” out of the blue

It’s normal for a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship to ask for “space” when the other party needs to. But within the marriage, a partner who seeks or asks to give him a “space” out of the blue is a red flag that you shouldn’t overlook. 


It’s either your partner is losing interest in the marriage, falling out of love or the worst part is cheating on you with someone else. So, for married couples out there, watch out if your partner asks for some space, most especially if you believe that there’s nothing wrong going on within your marriage.


8. He seems to be very angry and defensive when confronted about cheating issues.

Responding aggressively or angrily to the cheating accusations could be the most favourite way to sugarcoat the truth. Getting angry or showing defensiveness when confronted about cheating issues or accused of cheating is one of the primary red flags you shouldn’t overlook. 

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The harsh truth:

Not all marriages are perfect. And not all women may find a happy ending with whom they thought is their forever prince charming.


So, for those who are figuring out about their husband’s or partner’s extramarital affairs, we hope these red flags can help you out. If ever you found out the harsh truth, keep your head up high because you deserve nothing but the best!



Kath Ramirez took up journalism as her Bachelor’s Degree with library and information science on the side and now writes for The Relationship Room. It provides psychology services, therapy for couples, families, and individuals. After a busy working week, you’ll either see her binge-watching on Netflix, cuddling with her fur babies, bonding with her family or devouring her mom and sisters’ homemade goodies. 

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