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The majority of yoga practitioners are aware of the physical benefits of this sacred art. Physical aspects of yoga include only stretching and different asanas to improve your body posture. A spiritual healing retreat offers much more than just the practice of different yoga asanas. Yoga does have a profound effect on your mind.

You are well aware that regular practice of yoga covers three different levels of growth namely mental, physical, and spiritual. There are specific styles of yoga that help you work on all three while there are some that only work on the mental or the spiritual aspect of your personality.

With that said, it is time you first understand the best yoga styles to evolve as an individual on a mental, physical, and spiritual basis.

1. Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a refreshing form of yoga that helps you on a spiritual as well as physical level. Meditation is a major part of Kundalini and it also includes proper breathing techniques, specific body movements, and chanting of mantras.

You should practice Kundalini Yoga if you want to cultivate the creative spiritual energy, which is the Serpent energy coiled around your spine. The regular practice of Kundalini yoga pulls this energy upwards through the seven chakras.

2. Jivamukti Yoga

Jivamukti Yoga helps you develop a calm mind and connect with others. You overcome the idea of being separate from others and realize we are all one. Jivamukti yoga works on five tenets that include Non-violence, music, devotion, meditation, and the scriptures.

Visiting a meditation retreat gives you the chance to practice Jivamukti yoga and reap its spiritual and physical benefits.

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With that said, it is time we focus on the overall health benefits of taking to yoga at a spiritual yoga retreat.

The 3 Benefits of Yoga Practice at a Spiritual Healing Retreat

Yoga is a holistic way that focuses not just on your physical but also spiritual and mental growth. You develop improved body balance, mental clarity, and become more in sync with the world around you.

Let us now look at the three major benefits of practicing this sacred art at a spiritual yoga retreat.

1. Helps with Spiritual Awakening

Although yoga is not a religion, it is an ancient practice with a profound effect on you in a spiritual sense. It is because yoga follows the eight-fold path that each student at a meditation retreat gets to learn.

The eight-fold path is the guide that helps you discover inner peace with love and compassion for all.

2. Better Self-Control and Self-Discipline

When you learn to control your thoughts and physical response to a stressful situation, you become capable of doing more than you believe you could. Visiting a spiritual healing retreat gives you the tools to become mentally and physically disciplined in the long run.

You learn to let go of unnecessary fears and situations that held you back in the first place. The meditation during the yoga session helps you focus the mind on a particular subject. Yoga also helps you observe the world around you as a source of energy.

3. Improved Mental Focus and Clarity

Yoga places focus on regular meditation as it helps you develop a positive mindset. You learn to push away the negative thoughts and feelings by simply re-focusing on your breathing. It plays a vital role in maintaining good emotional health as mental health issues are often a result of negative thinking.

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Yoga goes a lot deeper than just the physical practice of asanas. It helps you develop both mental and spiritual strength in the long run. Visiting a spiritual healing retreat helps you get an in-depth understanding of how yoga can help you evolve on a mental and spiritual level.

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