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Abstract art is quickly gaining popularity among art lovers across the globe. Imbued with virtues of purity, simplicity, and spirituality, a piece of abstract art (that you love) instantly enlivens your space, soothing and inspiring your spirit every day your eyes fall on it. But, finding a piece that you love can be quite challenging owing to the expansive world of this art form which forms a central stream of Abstract art. However, you don’t need to be an expert while considering abstract art, an open mind, and especially, an open heart would be enough to find the right piece.

To help you further, we have compiled a step-by-step guide to buying abstract art including original works and art prints.

Step 1: Explore Abstract Art

The first and foremost step in buying any kind of artwork, be it Abstract art or any traditional painting, is always to do your research. So, before investing time in figuring out where you can buy, you need to figure out what you want to buy. The most convenient and easiest way to do this would be to Google ‘abstract art for sale’ but this will open up an endless vortex of images. So, the best thing to do is to step out and visit your nearest museums or galleries, or maybe explore exhibitions of abstract art online. Even taking a virtual tour of the renowned Abstract art galleries and museums such as The Museum of Abstract Art (MoMA), New York City would be a great experience.

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Step 2: Narrow Down Your Taste

Once you have immersed yourself into the world of the most dominating genre of Abstract art, it’s time to let the immaculate artworks come to you. Surrounded by mesmerizing pieces of abstract art, find out which canvases catch your eye? Which hues, patterns, textures, and shapes you find the most enticing? The beauty of this art form is that it gives spectators the freedom to interpret and allocate their own personal meaning to the work, such as an irregular panel of vibrant orange and yellow by famous American painter Rothko may invoke the beauty of sunset for one while bringing back the old memories of school campfire for another. Get intimate with the pieces and let your mind wander, and figure out which artworks evoke memories and stimulate your emotions.

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Step 3: Pick Out Elements of Your Style

Once you have figured out which abstract artworks you are drawn to, you can now easily define the elements of your personal style. To get more clarity, you can ask yourself the following questions such as:

  • If the painting has an excess of aesthetic or a minimalist piece?
  • If the composition is chaotic or geometrically organized?
  • Which colors are the most prominent?
  • What is the material used?
  • Does the surface appear smooth or highly built up? This criterion will also play a significant role in determining the space where the work will go.


Step 4: Decide on the Spot

Unquestionably, a vital step in investing in original work or art prints is to ascertain where the art will live once it becomes a part of your collection. The placement of the piece and its surrounding can either maximize the work’s impact or make the place look off-kilter, so it is very important that you examine the decor of the space including the color palette, theme, and set up of the room including the texture and material of the furniture and shade of table cloth.

You can go for either buying an abstract artwork that blends in or complements the color scheme of the space or select a contrasting stand out piece. If you choose the first option, go for buying an artwork belonging that carries colors already present in the room. For the latter, you can go for a canvas bursting with vibrant colors such as a vibrant pink canvas that will work well in a room of neutral grays and whites.

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As abstract art can easily adapt to different spaces and moods, from the living room to the bedroom, you can simply go about breaking rules, experimenting with something new every time.

Lastly, size is another (vital) deciding factor, and the same will be determined by the blank wall space available.

Step 5: Define Your Budget

Once you have figured out what you want and decided on the spot for the artwork, the final step before discovering the artwork you love is setting up your budget. If you’re looking to add a painting of great quality to your home, keep an approximate budget of about $2000-$5000. With this amount, you can expect to get hold of a stunning piece of art by a seasoned established artist. Of course, if you have limited finances available but want to own original work, you can invest in high-quality limited edition art prints.

Having a budget in mind will help to scale down the options available to choose from, making it easier to find the right piece rather than getting bewildered in the expansive world of abstract art.

Mountain range 7

Step 6: Enjoying Your New Investment

With your favorite artwork arrived at your doorstep, it’s time to celebrate the investment and enjoy the abstract art, sometimes alone or sometimes among family and friends.

With the artwork hung at the exact spot that you decided, your home has been transformed into a more graceful space reflecting your taste and lifestyle. Organize a family get-together or invite friends over drinks and enjoy the abstract artwork in contemplation. As your eyes fall on the piece every day, let it inspire you to share or create moments, memories, and emotions it evokes. Indeed, it’s quite amazing to possess a piece of sheer beauty, to wake up and see something you love every day.

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That was easy! Isn’t it? Don’t forget to share your experiences and journey to find the art that you love in the comments section below.

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