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We will be discussing how to give your teeth optimum care after installing your invisible braces or Invisalign. As both treatments are important, giving you guidelines on how to care for your braces is a top priority. With Invisalign treatment, you have to put on removable aligners which are changed every two weeks. Since they are removable, keeping your aligners and teeth thoroughly clean and cared for during treatment is very crucial; a sure way to achieve an excellent outcome.

For clear and invisible braces, these are similar to metal braces; however, they consist of strong clear or white plastic instead of the usual metal wires and brackets.

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Now that you know what these treatments are, next, we’ll be showing you how to care for them.

Cleaning tips for Invisalign aligners

Bacteria formation and discolouration are the effects of not cleaning your aligners properly. So, to maintain their near invisibility, it is pertinent you practice these steps consistently:

  • Avoid soaking your Invisalign aligners in toxic chemicals; it will damage them. Rather soak them in Invisalign crystals as it’s safe.
  • After eating or drinking, ensure you brush and floss your teeth before wearing your aligners again. This keeps discolouration and bacteria buildup at bay
  • Rinse your aligners when not in your mouth to prevent staining
  • Brush your aligners gently with clear antibacterial liquids. You should do this standing over a neatly folded towel or a bowl of water so that if you drop your aligners accidentally, they won’t get damaged.
  • When not in use, store your aligners in a box to prevent losing them
  • Cleaning your aligners with mouthwash or toothpaste will endanger them as these contain certain ingredients which may be harmful to your aligners
  • Drinking coffee, cola, wine, and other dark liquids with your aligners in is not good. Brush your teeth before wearing your aligners again.
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After getting your Invisalign aligners fitted in your mouth, it is recommended that you don’t eat or drink anything else than water with your Invisalign on. Keep this rule top-of-mind always. Using Invisalign requires discipline. Should you act otherwise, quickly use the guidelines above to get back on track. Failing to care for your aligners can prolong the duration of your treatment.

Getting the most out of your Invisalign demands the assistance of a good Invisalign provider, as they will expertly fit your aligners and tell you how to care for them. If you need the best Invisalign provider London, we are here for you.

Cleaning tips for invisible braces

Just like the regular braces, invisible braces are not removable after installation. This also means they cannot be cleaned as you’ll do for Invisalign. So, it is even highly important that you practice good dental hygiene and take care of your teeth as you’re receiving treatment.

Your orthodontist will show you how to care for your invisible braces without staining your teeth and achieve great results.

In the meantime, the following tips will be of help:

  • Brushing behind the wire of your brace demands a special brush and care. Buy interdental brushes to keep your braces clean
  • Due to the design of invisible braces, you may not be able to clean the whole of your mouth thoroughly using a brush. You can use a fluoride mouthwash to clean parts of your mouth your toothbrush cannot get to.
  • Since the wires of your braces can easily bend, avoid eating hard or sticky foods which can snap the wires. This will keep your braces in good condition.
  • If you are an invisible braces wearer and you love coffee, you may have to slow down or stop drinking altogether. Why? Eating or drinking substances like coffee, wine, curry, and tomato-based meals can stain your clear braces. Dents will change the colour of your beautiful braces.

Invisalign and invisible braces are an investment. You wouldn’t want to spend all that money, and after a few weeks, your treatment begins to suffer. The duration of treatment may be long but bear in mind that it will end with you having a better smile and straighter teeth. Doing your best to care for them will be of great benefit to you in the long-run.

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