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Successful Fried Egg Recipes

Successful Fried Egg Recipes: A fried egg is simply a cooked dish prepared by separating one or more carefully boiled eggs that have been removed from their shells and placing them in a hot frying pan together with minimal seasoning and few if any other ingredients. Fried eggs are usually eaten for breakfast in most countries but can also be served at various other times of the day throughout the world. The dish has become a favorite ingredient in various dishes, in addition to being the main ingredient in batter for fried chicken that is generally considered a very healthy dish. One of the reasons that fried eggs have gained popularity as a weight loss food is that it is very nutritious and can help a person lose weight.

When you look at the nutrition facts on the back of a fried egg, you will find that it is a relatively good food for a person of average size. The egg contains protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins A, D, and E and an amount of potassium. Fruits, vegetables, and an insignificant amount of fiber are contained in the egg. The sunny-side up side of a fried egg is almost completely unoccupied by nutrition, so this is one of the reasons that the meal can help a person lose weight.

The amount of fat in an egg can vary depending on how it has been prepared. Some are more greasy than others and some contain less fat. A fried egg that is over-hard can be a very unhealthy food because of the amount of cholesterol that is present. When a skillet is over-hard, the frying process causes the fats to release from the shell and begin to collect in the bottom of the pan.

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Over-hard frying can also cause an open yolk to appear. On an over-hard egg, the yolk shows through the white. When the egg is flipped, the yolk partially hides itself underneath the white, creating a delicious light egg salad. On the other hand, a fully-done egg will appear thinner and may have a white appearance. On both sides of the egg, a clear layer of grease shows through and makes for a delicious, yummy treat.

Fried eggs that are over-medium are the best type to prepare for a full meal. The yolk is soft and delicious as it covers the entire egg and provides a nice texture and flavor. Eggs that are over-medium are not as healthy as fully cooked ones because the calories are not burned off but absorbed. An over-medium egg is usually best served warm or at room temperature and is used for baking, poached, scrambled, or fried. A fried egg that is over-medium can also be used in place of omelets when a recipe calls for the egg to be folded over instead of being folded over itself.

On the flip side, eggs that are under-cooked are soggy, tough, and underwhelming. Over-easy eggs, also called sunny-side-up or hard-boiled, are usually served cold and come from a carton. They are usually not cooked to achieve their lightness. Under-cooked eggs, also known as sunny-side-up or soft-boiled, are usually uncooked and come from a carton. They are perfect for microwaving, scrambling, or frying.

In order to avoid over-easy and under-cooked fried eggs, remember to turn the bottom of the carton over before adding the yolk. Also, you can flip the over-easy eggs over halfway through the cooking process to allow for easier browsing. The frying process for both types of eggs is almost identical. First, a wire rack placed over a medium heat is heated. Then, one of the ends of a stick or waffle pin is inserted into the hot oil. Both the egg and the waffle remain in the pan until the desired degree of doneness is achieved, which can take anywhere from two to five minutes depending on the size of the egg.


Fried Egg Recipes and Tips Though fried eggs are a popular breakfast item and can be used in a variety of ways, frying them does require some practice and preparation. First, you must always run a stick or waffle iron at the correct temperature to ensure even heating throughout the entire pan. Second, the over-easy and under-cooked eggs must be removed immediately from the pan once they are done to prevent overcooking. Third, the yolk on sunny-side up eggs must be carefully removed while the dark-side up egg will not work properly (run the waffle brush over the yolk to loosen it), and then only the white must be taken out. Lastly, both sides of the yolk need to be flipped, but the yolk on sunny-side up eggs must be inverted (so the underside of the yolk is on the same side as the top of the egg) to ensure even cooking. Once completed, any leftover yolks or whites can be added to a variety of other recipes, or enjoyed right off the fryer.

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