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Every business needs to do a calibration of the test equipment at regular intervals. While many types of equipment can easily be tested in house, it is not possible in the case of all. In such a case, the SAP software comes quite handy.

SAP is ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software. Companies manage database, workflow, customer relations with the help of SAP and ERP software. Most of the Work base for organized management and data handling is performed through software. 

SAP provides end to end solutions to the logistics team, finance team, the inventories, and the distributors as well. While many companies use ERP software, SAP is one of the leading software highly used by multinational companies. SAP is used in aerospace, education, automobile, human resources, finance, defence & security, healthcare, media, journalism, Life Science, telecommunication, Oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, and many other sectors.

What are the advantages of SAP Calibration?

No requirement for maintaining the history card or the history of the equipment that is captured through the equipment master implemented through SAP.

The test equipment that is required or most of the time pending for calibration is available through SAP implementation.


  1. Monotonous work can be avoided, and repetition of tasks can be eliminated. 
  2. The management can easily trace the equipment with the help of SAP implementation. 
  3. The quality control team can work on real-time data without any hassle. 
  4. The cost of the calibration born by the company can be easily calculated.


While the above-mentioned points mentioned a few general advantages, we are now going to discuss the benefits that each department in the business organization can avail of:

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Business Department

The SAP calibration process can accurately analyse the performance, succession, and compensation of all managers regardless of the location and objectives. It also defines how business managers can pay the rewards and what kind of promotion they can be granted based on their leadership qualities.  It identifies further business opportunities which can help the managers and as a whole, the company to succeed. 

Human Resource Department

SAP calibration takes care of it all— the setup, management, and administration. While the software handles the repetitive tasks, the company’s HR department can easily focus on creating stronger strategies for the business.

Management Department

The SAP Calibration can easily solve the complications that come in the way of the performance review process. Thus, making it easier for the Human Resource Managers to focus on the growth of the employees more effectively and making the training process a more subjective process.

While we discussed the advantages of the software, now we are going to discuss a few disadvantages that have been faced by the users while implementing SAP into their day-to-day operations.

Challenges of Sap Calibration

  • Cost of ERP Software
  • The upfront costs of the software alone can be very high, especially for small to medium companies.
  • Even though these costs can be avoided with the use of cloud solutions with a monthly basis payment, the users can only have access to the system if they continue paying a good amount at regular intervals.
  • It would then make a cloud-based solution slightly more expensive over a product’s lifetime.
  • Requires effort, expertise, and money
  • This process takes a lot of time, effort, money, and expertise. Businesses often do not realise the optimum level of resources required to complete their customisation needs and end up going way above the planned budget.
  • Many companies might also lean on customisation when their preferred system does not fulfil their business needs.
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Full participation of users is required

  • It requires a good amount of training for the employees to understand how the system works and how they can use it to solve problems.
  • Lack of participation from employees or unskillful handling of the system can lead to failure of implementation or operation. 

Installation is time-consuming

  • Companies should understand that implementing the system requires a long time. It takes time to migrate data and organise training courses for employees and other tasks at the initial stage.
  • It can bring a massive amount of loss to the company in terms of time or costs since it will influence the employees in doing their routine process in a different way which might consume time, wherein operations can be put on hold.


The SAP Calibration is very flexible, and all features are easily customizable. These features can support a vast number of employees and the monotonous tasks they have to complete on a daily basis. Prime Technologies offers calibration management software (CMS) to manage SAP Calibration with a high level of expertise without taking much time or additional requirements.

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