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Polyethylene bags also known as poly bags are a form of plastic bags used for packaging a variety of products and are an integral part of our day-to-day life. No wonder, since it is the most common plastic in the world that few of us can do without.

There are different kinds of polyethylene bags and their quality differs. However, one thing common to them is their durability and adaptability.

Here are certain advantages of packaging using polyethylene bags that everyone should be aware of:


The lightness of plastic bags makes sure that they are convenient to carry around and also don’t require any great storage space. Since they can be used for transportation easily you can also reduce the carbon footprint.


Polyethylene bags do not degrade easily and thus they can be used for carrying different kinds of products again and again. They are not one time use packaging until and unless designed in that particular way. Unlike paper bags which are very fragile and do not usually last beyond a single use, you can use polyethylene bags over and over again.


Polyethylene bags are an adaptable and flexible form of packaging. This means that they are customisable in different shapes, sizes and styles. Manufacturers can get greater options of using them for packaging different products.


Polyethylene bags can survive in varied environments. Hot, cold, humid are just some of the environments that polyethylene bags can survive in. This means that whatever is inside the package also remains in the same condition. These bags also protect the products from dust, moisture, light and odours.

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Products will be in the best condition only when the external packaging is good and durable. Polyethylene is extremely durable and can ignore external influences. This means that your product is always safe from external ravages and there is reduced or no wastage in your inventory. Zero losses in inventory means more consistency in your deliveries increasing revenue and your brand value.

Economy of scale

Polyethylene packaging is very economical and can be used for different industries irrespective of their size of operations. From food packaging to different kinds of material packaging, polyethylene packaging can provide industries with a cost-effective option that is not dependent on availability of high budgets.

Less energy in production

These bags require less energy in production as compared to other packaging alternatives. For example, studies have shown that paper bag production requires 40-70 % more energy than production of plastic bags. Plastic bag manufacturing has been shown to require only 4 % of the total water required to make paper bags. Recycling one pound of plastic takes 91 % less energy than recycling one pound of paper.


Choosing your polyethylene partner

When it comes to choosing a manufacturing partner for polyethylene bags and strapping, you don’t need to look beyond Humi Pak.  It is an ISO 9001 certified company with more than 30 years of experience in the business. They have literally evolved with different kinds of plastic products that the world has seen so far. From moisture absorbing solutions, protective packaging, corrosion control equipment, general packaging and safe handling equipment there is next to nothing in the packaging industry that they don’t have solutions for. Along with it they have provided solutions to almost every industry under sun such as pharma, food and beverage, aerospace, chemicals, electronics and more. Humi Pak ensures that the high integrity of their packaging ensures that their products have next to no flaws. Choose Humi Pak for great packaging. You won’t be disappointed.

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