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Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted the connection of your router to reach a particular place and then it didn’t? For example, you may have been watching a movie with your significant other and the movie just buffers away due to your device being too far away from the router and therefore destroys all the mood. You wouldn’t want that to happen in such a setting, wouldn’t you? Therefore we recommend that you use a good extender to your router that would amplify its range and connectivity and relieve you from facing any problems as mentioned above. Given the talk about the situation let me introduce to one of the best-rated extenders available in the market. The opticover extender setup is one of the most affordable yet versatile.

We’ll build extenders out there with a very satisfying way of extending your network. Let’s go a little deeper into it and see how you can bring home one of opticovers extenders and set it up for your own use.

Completing the opticover extender setup

Like most of the other extenders, you can set up the extender from opticover quite easily and you do not need to be an expert in terms of extenders to complete the setup. Simply go-ahead to bring out your extender and power it up to one of the power sockets. After it turns on and stabilizes you can connect it to your computer through a wired Ethernet connection or by simply using your computer wireless Fidelity option. The wired connection would be recommended as if the wireless connection breaks then it will affect the setup procedure. You may refer to the opticover extender manual if you have any kind of doubts and you will be able to find answers to all your questions in the.

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FAQ section

After connecting it to your computer you can open up your browser window and access the setup link. You can simply type in the access link in the address bar or type the IP address of your extender and get redirected to the link. Both ways work. After that, you can login using a set of credentials that can be changed later. After that, you will be required to enter the router details and voila, your extender is ready for use. Simply run a power cycle and then proceed to connect it in a place where you need your network to be extended. This is the opticover
browser setup.

Apart from this you can also use the WPS setup in order to complete the setup. You will be able to find the WPS button on your extender as well as your router. Pressing them both one after the other will establish a secure connection without having the need to enter all the details in the browser. The offline setup link also had a lot of other work such as firmware updates and restarting or resetting the device. You can remotely change the settings of your extender by simply logging in to the setup page. It is very convenient to do so.

How to complete the opticover extender reset procedure?

If you wanted to reset your extender to its factory settings due to some reason. You can always use the manual or the automatic way. The manual way is by pressing and holding the opticover reset button on the extender and letting it reset itself. Another way would be logging in to the extenders setup link. Then finding out the reset to the factory settings button and using it to reset the device. A power cycle would be highly recommended after the reset is over.

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Opticover review

All in all opticover extenders are well built and the setup isn’t sophisticated or hard. The extender is also very compact and lies in a good price range for the number of features it has. It also has a decent range and would work very well with small scale homes and offices. Multiple extenders can also be used. It can also function as an access point. Basically an all in 1 device. Highly recommended for a trial. User satisfaction guaranteed. A device worth investing your money on. Try it out for your home.

In case of more information and details about opticover, you can easily visited on http //ap.setup. Here you can find all the setup qand reset process.

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