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Wireless backup camera:

It is a type of backup camera in which there is no inconvenience of wires and their settings. The connection between the rear camera and monitor is without any sort of wire. Due to this wireless feature, the installation process requires half of a time compared to the wired backup camera.

Best wireless backup cameras:

I jotted down a list of few best wireless backup cameras that can add up a new look to your old vehicle.

  • Yada digital wireless backup camera
  • Pyle wireless backup rearview camera
  • Auto-VOX CS-2
  • Garmin BC 30 wireless backup camera

and many more. You can choose any of them according to your budget.

Installation procedure:

The installation process of a wireless backup camera is plain sailing. The installation process as such does not require any rocket science.

Mostly when it comes to the installation process of wireless backup cameras two types of people emerge i.e.

  • one who prefer to do the installation by their own
  • and the one who hires mechanics or experts for the installation process.

DIY installation process:

In this evolving world of technology, the installation process is not an arduous task. You can take the assistance of thousands of available youtube videos. Not only this but for the convenience of customers, companies put the  installation manual with the backup camera.

Let’s discuss the essential tools that you will require during the installation process.

  • Socket wrench set
  • Butt splices
  • wire strippers
  • screwdriver set
  • Electrical tape
  • Drill
  • Ring terminals

Now let’s discuss a few steps that you can apply for the installation process.

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Power disconnection:

First and foremost disconnect your automobile negative terminal from it’s the battery. As this will protect you from any sort of fusing and other mishaps.

Tail light access:

After the disconnecting process, remove all the required panels from the tail light of your vehicle. In most of the cases, panels are present inside the trunk. So, remove them properly.

In the case of trucks, the access area of the tail light panel is present in the truck bed. To avoid any mishap, try to unscrew the trim pieces until or unless you got access to one of the tail lights.

Search for mounting location:

Last but not least, find a perfect place to mount a wireless backup camera. Although there are multiple options available for mounting the camera but you should opt for the one which is suitable for you.

In most of the cases, people prefer a license plate or near its position.


Wireless backup camera has made the life of people much more easier than it was because of its advanced features. Let’s discuss a few of them

  • Budget-friendly

The wireless backup camera cost is less than the traditional backup camera. This feature attracts a lot of customers and increase its demand.

  • Easy to install

The most amazing feature that attracts most of the customers is its easy installation process that I penned down above. Moreover, due to the easy installation process, people can easily install it on their own. Not only this but it also saves the expense of technicians.

  • Advanced technology
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The technical system of a wireless backup camera is more advanced than a typical wired backup camera. And it is the best gadget for those who are looking for a high-tech system. Moreover, it allows the integration of navigation with the camera. Further time will tell how far this technology will evolve.


In a nutshell, there is a variety of backup wireless cameras including Bluetooth backup cameras and many more. Choose according to your budget and vehicle system.

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