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Apps to create avatars transform the user’s face into images in cartoon, anime, painting, 3D and more. Easy to use, they allow you to customize physical characteristics so that the result is as faithful as possible.

We’ve put together the best apps to create avatars available for Android and iPhone. Check out!


create avatars with Dollify

Despite offering many features, Dollify stands out for being simple to use. When opening the app for the first time, you will see only one option: to create your avatar. Afterwards, you will have to select the character’s gender and then choose the physical characteristics and accessories.

There are over 20 skin tones, dozens of hairstyles, eyewear options, jewelry and even photo filters. The result is a cute character with big eyes that can be saved to your phone or shared in other apps.


create avatars with avatoon

Avatoon allows you to create an avatar from a photo or manually. Even choosing the first option, the user can edit the character using the various customization features. It is possible, for example, to choose the shape of the face, in addition to inserting freckles and wrinkles.

There are also dozens of hairstyles and colors, eye, mouth and nose appearance, and more. To add clothes, you need to use in-app coins, which can be obtained for free using the app or underpayment.

The result can be saved on your cell phone, transformed into stickers or inserted into photos in the gallery.



create avatars with AvatarBuilder

AvatarBuilder uses the user’s photo as a basis to create avatars of different styles. There are options for paintings from the 15th, 18th and 20th centuries, 3D and 2D drawings, in baby versions, caricatures, among others.

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The photo can be taken on the spot or already in the gallery. The app doesn’t have image editing tools, but you can choose whether you want to save or share just the avatar or a montage of it with the original photo.


create avatars with bitmoji

Bitmoji creates fun stickers that are literally just like you. The app is one of the ones that offers the most options for customizing the avatar, and it is even possible to insert particular details, such as dimples, dark circles and expression lines.

To make it even more realistic, it offers 6 types of body shape and a wide variety of clothes and accessories in different styles. When the character is ready, the stickers with your emoji will be created automatically.

Afterwards, just share it with anyone you want. The app has integration with Google keyboard, Snapchat and iMessage.


create avatars with toonme

ToonMe transforms its users’ faces into different cartoon styles. Using facial recognition technology, it creates avatars from photos taken on the spot or from the gallery.

Drawing types include 3D and 2D animations, painting, hand-drawing, The Simpsons and Barbie style, and much more. You can add filters and effects, insert text and even turn the image into an animated GIF.


create avatars with chibi-dolls

Chibi Dool lets you create your avatar in chibi doll style. There are several skin tones, hairstyles, and eye shapes available, all in the best anime style.

The highlight goes to the wide variety of accessories and clothes full of personality. This includes socks, shoes, scarves and necklaces.

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Then, just insert background, move effects or add more than one doll in the same scene. The final image, however, can only be saved statically.


create avatars

SuperMii brings together tools to create avatars in anime and cartoon styles. In addition to the traditional varieties of physical features and hairstyles, the wearer can choose unusual nose types as well as funny ear shapes.

It is also possible to use masks, scars, bandages and tears and select a sword, shield or other defence items. Also include hands with fun gestures, custom clothing, and background. The result can be saved in the mobile gallery.


create avatars with mojipop

MojiPop creates realistic paint-style avatars from the user’s photo. In addition to customizing the physical characteristics, you’ll be able to choose fun facial expressions, such as pout, smile and disgust.

Once created, the avatar is automatically inserted into animated images and stickers. You can see yourself getting married, riding a roller coaster, dancing, snowballing and much more.

The application allows you to add packs of stickers to WhatsApp and also offers its own keyboard, with easy access to images.

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