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The safety of savings presents formidable support behind life’s important decisions. It guarantees peace of mind for a secured future. The solidity of savings also motivates you to make bolder investment choices. With Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit, you are eligible for several key benefits. 

Why should you entrust Bajaj Finance with your savings? Check out the following benefits of keeping your savings safe with the leading company. 

  • Great Potential for Growth 

Do you know that with Bajaj Finance, you can enjoy an interest rate of up to 6.75% on your FD? Senior citizens can avail an additional 0.25% interest rate on their deposits. Compounded by such lucrative FD interest rates, your wealth grows securely over the selected tenure. 

The high-interest rate conveys volumes on the stability of financial management.  It automatically grants you unmatched confidence that your savings are in safe quarters. All investment tenures are accessible in separate formats for senior and non-senior citizens. 

The formats entitle higher rates for seniors, making Bajaj Finance the best option to retain your life’s savings. People above 60 years of age can also choose different periodic payout options. You can get them by monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual payouts.  

  • Safety of Online Transactions 

The company proactively encourages online investment. Customers can choose to make the entire investment in an online format via a highly secured gateway. Non-senior citizens can avail of an additional rate benefit of 0.10% by investing online. 

Your Bajaj Finance Online FD account takes only minutes to set up. You can access your account anytime by online banking. This facility effectively eliminates the need of standing in lengthy queues or filling in extensive paperwork. 

  • Guarantee of Stability Ratings 
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Bajaj Finance FD is one of the safest investment vehicles according to standard industry ratings. It provides you with the guarantee of the highest stability ratings with CRISIL’s FAAA/Stable ratings. Furthermore, the FD plan also enjoys the highest stability of ICRA’s MAAA ratings. This is applicable irrespective of whether you choose to invest a substantial corpus or opt for the Systematic Deposit Plan. 

  • Trusted All Over the World 

The Bajaj Finance FD plan is accessible not only to resident Indians, but also for non-residents. Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs), and Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) can open an NRO account to avail the benefits of high-interest rates. Anyone can use the proprietary online FD calculator to estimate the growth rate of their fixed deposits. 

More than 2,35,000 unique FD customers entrust the company with their savings. Collectively, it refers to amassing more than Rs. 20,000 Crore in the deposit book of Bajaj Finance. Investing in the company automatically incorporates you in this hefty super-structure of financial stability. 

  • Easy Withdrawal and Loan Facility 

One of the major advantages of a fixed deposit is its accessibility in meeting emergency financial requirements.  The money is available for premature withdrawal post an initial lockdown period of three months. However, the investor must agree to a financial penalty per se in the form of loss of interest. This is because the original interest rate becomes invalid in the event of early withdrawal. You receive the amount as per the rate prevalent at the time of withdrawal. 

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Nevertheless, Bajaj Finance offers you the opportunity to avoid this loss of interest. Customers can choose to take out an easy loan against their deposits. The only limitation of this loan amount is that it cannot exceed 75% of the total value of your FD. To calculate the value, you can conveniently use the fixed deposit calculator.  

All these superb benefits validate the trust of investors to choose Bajaj Finance. It also presents a great opportunity for first-time investors. The minimum FD amount is only Rs. 25,000 making it accessible to anyone looking for a failsafe investment plan.  

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