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The city of luxury and breathtaking natural assets -Dubai is popular for thrilling opportunities. Specifically, the city’s conservation reserve is famous for sightseeing and exhilarating sports. An early morning venture to sunrise desert safari saves the other half of your day to explore the rest of famous destinations. However, you’d feel the need to be there again. 

I remember my trip to the majestic desert with my family when we had only a week to explore the whole city. It was a wise decision to opt for a morning desert safari through Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. When you are running short of time yet you have a long bucket list, such service providers act like voodoos! 

So we headed out to the magical dunes for the sake of experiencing the most pleasant morning ever. In the following sections, you’ll discover the exclusive opportunities at the majestic dunes of Dubai.

Early Morning Delight at the Dunes of Arabia

  • Reaching the Desert

A standard tour to the conservation reserve of Dubai begins with a pickup in a 4×4 vehicle. You can also go by bus service or drive by yourself all the way. The Happy adventures Tourism team sent their off-road licensed driver to take us to the dunes in a land cruiser. However, they also offer a self-driven package in which there are free parking spaces allotted to the visitors. A morning desert safari Dubai is for 4 to 5 hours in which the first bliss is blessing your vision with views of the golden sand sea. 

  • Sunrise Occult

Perceive the glory of newly born sunrays and soak up your soal in the welcoming breeze. The dunes reflect serenity and beauty in their pristine form as you witness the barrenness along with the rising sun. This is the right time to take out your camera and click the best shots of nature. Right at the moment when nature is portraying itself with a whole mood! 

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The photographers of the team  Happy Adventures Tourism captured some amazing snaps which still seem so lively. The spectacular sunrise is the must-live moment. The sun rising at the apex from behind the half-hued dunes turns the whole landscape as if spelled in a witchery of nature. Witnessing the magical sunrise overwhelmed us with this place and it became our favorite destination in Dubai.

Terrain Activities

  • Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is a never-miss-out terrain sport for adventurists. The skilled drivers maneuvers the 4×4 SUVs giving an adrenaline rush to the passengers. Explore the bumpy dunes in their roller coaster ride. A standard dune bashing activity lasts for about 15 to 30 minutes depending upon your tour package. 

  • Quad Biking

Thrill-seekers love to drive a quad bike in the middle of the dune arena. The four-wheeler quad bikes allow you to ride across the unparalleled dunes like a dare-devil. Our tour operator from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC guided me on how to ride a quad bike. Afterward, I remember being unstoppable and screaming like an achiever on the terrain!  

  • Sand Boarding

The unparalleled dunes offer you another exciting activity which is sand skiing. Strap your feet o a wooden board and slide down the high slopes of the Arabian sand. This activity is similar to that of snowboarding except you end up cuddling in the sand. There is no better way of embracing the refreshing breezes of the pristine barrenness of Arabia!

  • Camel Safari

Camel safari is the true essence of being on the heritage land of the UAE. Spot the flora and fauna of the Arabian desert from over the camel’s back. The exquisite wildlife contributes to the wilderness of these marshy plains. These include Arabian oryxes, gazelles, eagle owls, wild foxes, even desert leopards. Navigate the royal rides of the desert across its high-end dunes. The background of the morning aurora adds up a lot more spark in your camel safari. 

  • Zestful Breakfast

The flavorsome breakfast in the middle of golden barren is an enticing experience in itself. Along with the international cuisines for travelers from all over the world, there was local savory as well. Happy Adventures Tourism hosts arranged the delicacy of breakfast at the table. 

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We had Arabic bread and sweet noodles, pancakes, and other essentials of a morning meal. The Arabian coffee was poured for us with lovely gestures by the hosts along with the serving of dates. There was unlimited and free access for us to refresh soft drinks and juices. Mineral water bottles were also available free in abundance.

  • Display of Arabian Art and Culture

That sumptuous place is a great source of having an insight into Arabian art and culture. We spotted some inspiring traditional activities going on at the campsites. Those were Henna painting for kids and women, traditional Arabian attire, and falcon photography. 

As we all know that Arabian henna art is famous all around the middle-east and Asia. So women are pretty obsessed with henna art. However, men were inspired by the conventional kandura dressing of the Bedouins. They love attiring themselves like native Arabs and click their new look as souvenirs.

On the other hand, falconry is the traditional hunting method of the nomads. The sand stunts of the falcon birds became customary when the scarcity of food led Arabs to train their pet birds on how to hunt the prey. To date, the sand stunts of the national bird are pretty fascinating to see. 


Right from the pickup in a 4×4 vehicle to bidding farewell to the new sun, a desert safari is a blissful experience for travelers. Whether you are accompanied by family, friends, or traveling solo; the pristine dunes of Dubai cast an occult on you. 

Grab an itinerary that orients the expedition according to your availability in Dubai. As we did by approaching the Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. The tour operators and services were top-notch than our expectations. So prepare your bucket list of activities you’d love to do at the dunes. Leave the rest to your planners!