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Content is created to accomplish various objectives, including enhancing search engine rankings, creating new leads, and raising income. Law firms are not an exception. According to one survey, 89 percent of respondents observed favorable benefits from content marketing regardless of their specific goals. Content marketing is undeniably effective—but only if you know what kind to develop.

It is possible to access content in several formats. Here is a handful that has shown to be effective for all businesses & professionals and might serve as a solid beginning point for your own content strategy by 247 Legal Assist. If you need help in developing a great content marketing strategy for your law firm and implementing it, hire legal assistant from our team without any hesitation.

#1. Articles and Blog Posts

The apparent beginning point for your plan is written material. New people will come to your site if your topics are topical and the content is optimized for search engines. On the other hand, blog entries and articles will only attract readers if they are valuable and well-written.

Because the Internet is such a prominent place, simply having a blog isn’t enough to make it stand out. Write posts and articles that provide new & fresh information, assist potential customers in some manner, or entertain them—the best content accomplishes all three.

Ask your present clients what they want to know if you have problems coming up with themes to write about. If you offer a product with intricate instructions, for example, create a step-by-step tutorial with photos.

If you own a clothing store, write about current fashion trends and offer advice on incorporating new things into your customers’ wardrobes. If you’re a family restaurant with a fascinating background, tell us all about it. It can be challenging to develop ideas for subjects, but every company has something to offer its clients.

#2. Infographics

Consider the last time you read a blog post or an article that contained a lot of complicated material. It was undoubtedly difficult to make sense of anything. On the other hand, infographics make numbers easier to understand and recall. They’re also more visually appealing and more accessible to share than plain text.

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If you don’t have design abilities, don’t worry. There are hundreds of customizable infographic templates available online if you want to make one yourself. You might even employ a designer to help you bring it all together. Remember to credit references within the infographic and give it a searchable title with relevant keywords, no matter what the subject is.

Above all, don’t forget to include your company’s name and website in the infographic. Business internet marketing necessitates branding content, and an infographic is a simple approach to do so.

#3. Lists

Lists have always been popular, whether David Letterman’s Top Ten List or Buzzfeed’s most recent list. In fact, lists are among the most shared types of material on the Internet, with up to 25,000 shares every month. Make relevant lists for your target audience, and they’ll help you spread the word.

The Internet’s ability to deliver lists in various formats, including animated GIFs, slideshows, and text lists, is fantastic. Create lists in a variety of forms or find the format that works best for you. The subjects should be related to the needs of your customers. Suppose you sell tax software, for example. In that case, a list of “10 Reasons Why Tax Software Isbetter Than a CPA” will pique people’s interest—though not necessarily from CPAs.

#4. Interactive Content

Asking potential customers to do something is one method to engage them. A call to action should always be included in the material, yet some content works because it necessitates action. Create a series of interactive tools for your website to keep visitors longer and produce more leads for your company.

Many businesses use a contact form on a landing page. These forms are helpful, but they don’t hold people’s attention for long. Tax calculators on financial sites, project estimate generators on contractor sites, on the other hand, encourage visitors to consider what they want and need, what they must do to obtain it, and how your company may assist them in achieving their objectives.

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#5. Videos & Podcasts

When new content is published regularly, content marketing is most effective. It should, however, be accessible whenever and wherever the user desires. This is especially true with the rise in popularity of mobile devices, which enable customers to interact with your company from anywhere. However, this necessitates the creation of material that is as portable as they are. Podcasts and videos are ideal for this.

By subscribing to a podcast, loyal listeners can access these audio files as soon as they become available. You can also make these files available on-demand platforms like iTunes for download by anyone. Videos can be shared on a variety of platforms, including social media and YouTube. Both mediums are excellent for generating new leads, sharing your thoughts, and staying in touch with your clients or consumers.

#6. Social Media Content

Another vital component of a successful content marketing plan is to develop shareable content that your social media followers will want to share with everyone they know. This not only helps your business’s social media presence grow by drawing new followers, but it also helps future content thrive by establishing a built-in promotional network for each new piece.

Again, this is a function of establishing a trust relationship with the target audience. Once set up, your business’s social media accounts can serve as a brand-promotion machine, with feeds that are always full of relevant & exciting information tailored to your target audience’s needs and interests. This ensures a consistent stream of vital traffic to your company website while broadening your reach beyond your core clients and followers.

#7. Webpages & Books

There is a big difference between having a website and having a strategic contently website. It is your first impression that plays a crucial role in attracting clients. Nowadays, plenty of articles and guides are available online on building a website that uses content marketing. There are thousands of hits on these guides and blogs, so it is clear how important content marketing is.

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Look at the case studies by the design studio Teehan+Lax, for instance. Teehan + Lax’s case studies are quite interesting, unlike most caste studies. This is what differentiates a content marketing site from other websites.

When it comes to content marketing, books are a great tool. When authors sell their books, they are not just selling a book. They are also marketing it and their thoughts.

There is a misconception that books are similar to movies, but that is not the case. They are very different. Nowadays, it is pretty easy to self-publish your own book. However, some experts still believe that it is a complex process that should be left to professionals. Even if no one reads a book, publishing it adds a lot of value.

For example, you may mention or cite your book as Author of Beginner’s Guide for Law Students if you publish a book for law students. Other content marketing materials include white papers, e-books, presentations, press releases, and public speaking. Later, you can include them in your book.


For your business, you certainly need a content marketing strategy.

The difference between failing to acquire new consumers and exploding into a profitable business can be determined by content marketing. A well-executed content strategy will offer your business the boost it requires, whether you develop it yourself or employ freelancers to do it for you.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you need assistance in developing a content strategy for your law firm. Our experienced staff of Internet marketers has all of the skills you’ll need to start drawing new customers with content right away.

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