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Be it a holiday or an outdoor barbeque, we all end up wishing for a second oven on our busiest days in the kitchen. Why not then add an electric roaster oven? It can be your savior during Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners. You can prep the turkey and the ham way before dinner and set it to cook in the electric roaster oven, saving your regular oven to cook the side dishes.

Moreover, many roaster ovens come with self-basting lids which means you’re finally free from the tedious job of hand-basting the meat. Electric roaster ovens are my favorites, especially because most of them are so handy that you can easily use them during your outdoor gatherings. 

You might even wonder why to buy an electric roaster oven when you already have a regular oven. When I said these appliances can be your savior on the busiest days, I meant it. Electric roaster ovens are generally smaller in sizes with a dome-shaped lid, which fits perfectly a turkey or a bigger sized chicken; the heat gets concentrated on the meat and it cooks about 30% faster than regular ovens. Your job gets done quickly with efficiency also by saving a lot of fuel. 

But choosing the right roaster oven can be a tricky job, considering the uncountable brands offering a variety of features. Don’t worry! To help you out, we suggest you the best 11 electric roaster ovens in 2021. 

Best Electric Roaster Ovens of 2021

Our first suggestion is the bestselling Oster roaster oven 22-quart. It can accommodate around 26-pound turkey. You can set the meat in it and forget about it because this oven features a self-basting lid, which means you can finally give-up hand-basting and relax. Its lid is specially designed to provide moisture to the meat and keep it soft and juicy. With its adjustable temperature ranging from 150°F to 450°F, slow-cook becomes easier than ever. Not to forget its ‘keep warm’ setting that keeps food at ready for the dinner table. Overall, the Oster roaster oven is one of our favorites. Go ahead and buy it. It is one of the best deals in the market.

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Our second suggestion is Nesco classic electric roaster oven. With its 22 lbs capacity, it is perfect for family gatherings. You can easily cook meals for 6 to 10 people. Its automatic temperature control ranges from 200 degrees to 450 degrees. Although 200 degrees sounds a little high for slow-cooking, its self-basting feature and ‘circle of heat’ heating element ensure evenly cooked meat from all sides. Its removal and dishwasher-friendly parts make it easy-to-clean. Even though they claim it to be a porcelain cook well, it is actually porcelain-coated. Overall, Nesco classic electric roaster oven is one of the best items in the market, despite being a little pricey. 

Sunvivi electric roaster oven 18-quart, our third item on the list, is lightweight and easily manageable. During holidays, you can keep it in your family room, porch, or cabin, and use it as your second oven. It can easily accommodate 22 pounds birds. Its self-basting feature cooks juicy and soft meat. It also has a warming setting that keeps the food dinner-ready. Its removable insert pot and cool-touch handles make it safe and easy to handle. With this versatile electric roaster, you can bake, slow-cook, and roast at your own pace. Overall, Sunvivi electric roaster oven is the perfect item to buy before the holidays for just $41. 

If you need a 22-quart roaster oven on a lower budget, then our fourth item Roaster oven 24 quart is for you. Its high-domed lid lets you cook meat up to 26 pounds. Coming holidays, you can be worry-free and cook meals for large gatherings. The adjustable temperature setting starts as low as 150 degrees F, making your slow-cooking process more convenient and efficient. It also features a keep warm setting, self-basting lid, and removable pan and rack. With its cool-touch handles, you can easily carry it around to your dinner table. Overall, if your purse strings are a bit tight, then Roaster oven 22 quart is the ideal product for you. 

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Our fifth suggestion Sunvivi 18 quart roaster oven is perfect for indoor and outdoor gatherings. Its user-friendly cool-touch handles make it safe to use. Its removable steel grill and pan help the after-party scene to be a little less messy. Not to forget, the main cooking area is non-stick which means the sides of the meat aren’t going to stick to the roaster oven. This item is overall an ideal roaster oven for holidays with wholesome features within an affordable price range. A tip: usually there’s a burnt smell when you switch it on for the first time, but the smell goes away within ten minutes. Make sure you use it once before the holidays. 

Nesco MWR18-13 roaster oven, the sixth item on our list, cooks meat to perfection with its circle-of-heat element that provides heat from the sides. This 18-quart roaster oven can accommodate up to 22 pounds of meat, which means it is the perfect item for indoor, as well as outdoor gatherings. It features a cool-touch handle and dishwasher-friendly parts. It’s 200 degrees Fahrenheit can be a little high for slow-cooking, other than that it is a great deal on a very affordable budget. Go ahead and buy this item; it would be a savior on your busiest days.

 Our seventh suggestion for you is the Hamilton Beach roaster oven. You can bake and roast large meals in it, saving your oven to cook side dishes. Its adjustable temperature control from 150º to 450ºF would make slow-cooking efficient than before. It features a self-basting lid, warming option, and removable pan and rack, making it easily manageable and easy-to-clean. Although it is slightly costly, the Hamilton Beach roaster oven is a great deal considering its efficient service. 

Oster roaster oven 18-quart, the eighth item on our list, is lightweight and easily manageable. It accommodates 22 pounds of meat. With this cookware, say no to dried and burnt turkeys. It features a self-basting lid and warming setting. Its easy-to-clean pan keeps your after-party scene a little less messy. With this versatile electric roaster, you can bake, slow-cook, and roast at your own pace. Overall, the Oster roaster oven is the perfect item to buy before the holidays. 

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Our ninth suggestion is Roaster oven 22-quart. It is perfect for your thanksgiving dinner. The adjustable temperature from 150° to 450°F offers you an extended variety of usage. Plus, the clear glass window on top lets you have a clear view while cooking. You may notice smoke during the first minutes of initial use, but it gets away after using it a few times. Apart from this, it is quite stylish to include in your kitchen. Overall, this item is the perfect companion for your daily cooking needs, holidays, as well as for outdoor gatherings. 

The last and second-last items on our list: Eazy Brandz EZO-3016R and Eazy Brandz EZO-1010BL are the most suitable items for outdoor parties. The former item weighs less than 8 pounds and runs with 1150 wattage; the latter item weighs around five pounds and runs with 850 wattages only. Although these items don’t accommodate large birds, they are perfect for small gatherings. You can even use them in an RV. Overall, these budget items are so stylish that you’re bound to garner compliments from your guests.

I would like to end this blog by suggesting to you our favorites: Oster roaster oven 22 quart and Nesco classic electric roaster oven, for their versatile features and bigger capacities. We hope this blog will help you to choose the right electric roaster oven for your necessities. Happy shopping!  

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