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Many people confuse MMA gloves with boxing gloves mostly due to them being almost similar in looks except for the slight difference with boxing gloves being larger and heavier in size. MMA gloves are designed differently to allow the MMA fighter to perform various techniques that are more tactical in nature, like grappling. Their fingerless design helps with this. MMA gloves are lighter in weight than boxing gloves, weighing from 10 oz to 16 oz. These are just some of the main features to differentiate heavy bag boxing gloves with MMA gloves. Now let’s get down to business with our best MMA gloves for heavy bag training.

  1. Starpro Open-Finger Bag Glove

These fingerless bag gloves were made with the MMA fighter in mind: they are the top choice for fighters who want protection without the limiting use of a boxing glove. These gloves are ergonomic design and premium aesthetics combined: made with premium leather as well as a leather alternative for seamless and fluid construction, they feature pre-curved foam to keep you comfortable and safe from impact.  A wrap-around strap keeps your wrist in place while you unleash yourself on your heavy bag worry-free. Their comparatively reasonable price tag is a bonus: you get quality with considerable bang for your buck.

  1. RDX MMA Gloves 

These MMA gloves are a favorite in the ring and boast a 4.4 rating Amazon rating. Designed to give the fighters an edge over their opponent with its state-of-the-art technology to with stand heavy beating during training without even a scratch. The 100% Maya hide leather guarantees durability, not to mention they provide great support during grappling with their firm grip. These gloves are designed with a D-cut palm design to make grappling easier and to hold rods or a bar. The one downside is the price: these are heavy on the pocket so they might not be the best investment for newer fighters.

  1. Starpro MMA Training Gloves

Want versatile gloves that’ll work for any situation? The Starpro MMA Training gloves are all that and more: they can take on sparring, grappling and bag work efficiently and effortlessly. With these gloves, protection is the name of the game. They have a special protective foam that is pre-curved for comfort. Padded to protect your knuckles during bag work, they’re still light enough for a dynamic session with multiple components. And there’s no sweating with these on – their moisture-wicking technology means no-slip grip to keep you in fighting form. Their sleek leather-alternative finish comes in a classic black and white.

  1. Everlast MMA Gloves

The Everlast MMA gloves are made of premium synthetic leather: due to their advanced construction and design, they provide a comfortable and firm hand grip for grappling or for throwing in heavy punches. These gloves come with an EverDri technology that keep the gloves dry and cool during heavy workout or sparring session. It includes a full wrist strap and holds your wrist firmly in place. They come in two traditional colors, black and grey. However, Everlast gloves come with the kind of pricing that big brands demand, meaning its not for you unless you want to splash some cash.

  1. Venum Undisputed 2.0

Handmade in Thailand, these gloves aren’t just for the aesthetic: with their exquisite design comes remarkable performance. You get a strong, tight grip around the wrist with their Velcro system and comfortable padding along the knuckles to prevent strain or pain during long heavy bag workout routines. What distinguishes these gloves from the others is the unique design and craftsmanship. This is what makes them a cult favorite among MMA fighters.

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At the end of the day, its not about the brand you’re wearing: you need MMA gloves that will protect you from injury and keep you feeling comfortable and confident during a workout or in the ring.

Editor Choice: Recommended StarPro MMA Gloves if you need premium quality fighters gloves.

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