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Shoes can be mighty perfect and stylish for all occasions, but we all know that your dear feet loves comfort & breathability. Slippers are the ultimate choice in comfort footwear and the next best thing to being barefoot. We don’t always need to step out from our homes with the pairs of shoes and for those relaxed and chilled out days; slippers suffice quite correctly.

However, there are norms to be adhered to as slippers can sometimes come off as too casual choices or just not a great-going option with certain outfits. Today men’s slippers are not limited to moderate rubber contraptions; there are a plethora of branded slippers for men that elevate your fashion quotient.

The best men’s slippers for all occasions

Take a look at what makes men’s slippers such a fashion staple and explore the many styles of casual and formal types.

Funky prints and loud colours are suitable when worn at the beach, but the minimalist look of thin-strap slippers gives your outfit a laid back vibe. Men’s slippers are a pleasing way to keep it casual while maintaining a sense of elegance.

Step out with a neat pair of stylish slippers for men in shades of black for a premium and polished look. Browse the many patterns of mens slippers online on Bewakoof and find a wide range of designs, crafted strap styles and textured leather styles of men’s designer slippers.

Tan and brown branded slippers for men are a fitting style for the daytime. Add to your footwear collection with a pair of men’s slippers made of tan leather and a flat sole style. These styles of men’s slippers go perfectly well with casual wear and ethnic wear.

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The monsoons demand our footwear to be waterproof and robust, and this is when the humble slipper reigns strongest. Face the wet weather with confidence when you shop for functional, colourful pairs of croslite men’s slippers on Bewakoof.

Wearing the right look

A little effort will take you a long way when wearing slippers. Make sure the rest of your outfit is on point to keep you looking sharp and stylish at all times.

Wear a charming pair of formal men’s leather slippers when you are sporting an ethnic kurta over your jeans; this look works well for a day at college or the office.

Bathroom slippers for men should stay at home, so keep a clear differentiation between the slippers you wear at home and the slippers you wear outdoors.

Shop for comfortable men’s home slippers to keep your feet protected at all times. The range of men’s indoor slippers on Bewakoof offers a variety of choices with no compromise on style.

Wear men’s slippers with your favourite jeans and a casual t-shirt for that hipster look with minimum accessories.

Shop Men’s Mochi Slippers Online

The options of online shopping are plentiful, but few promise quality. If you are looking for original products and quality is your priority, then shop online on Bewakoof for the best men’s slippers. The Bewakoofcatalogue includes unique styles of boys boots and men’s casual shoes too. Fashionable women’s slippers, formal footwear for women, bags and much more, find it all right here. Browse from our extensive range of stylish footwear for everyone and be assured of receiving the finest quality products.

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Questions about Men’s Slippers

Which Slippers are the best?

Men’s slippers are one of the most functional and comfortable types of footwear that can be worn indoors as well as outdoors. Here is a list of the best men’s slippers that protects users from nasty infections and household injuries:

Regular Slippers – These comfortable and airy slip-ons are mostly worn indoors rather than outdoors.

Thongs / Flip-flops – They look similar to regular men’s slippers but are fastened with straw-like straps. They are mostly worn as beachwear.

Is it reasonable to wear slippers at home?

Wearing slippers at home has become a tradition for many. But what makes men’s slippers such must-have items? Here are a few benefits of wearing footwear indoors:

  • The airy footwear decreases the chances of catching the flu or cold by keeping your feet warm and clean.
  • Wearing footwear can reduce the risk of fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot.
  • You also have a better chance of keeping your house clean as the materials used in its soles do not bring in dirt from outside.

What are the different materials that are used for slippers?

The essential feature in men’s slippers is not the design but the material used in it. The following is a list of materials commonly used in producing men’s slippers –

  • Leather- The flexible material is usually used in making men’s leather slippers. It keeps the footwear durable and sturdy for a long time. The breathable material regulates temperature and prevents your feet from getting sweaty.
  • Synthetics – The material helps in keeping the soles of slippers perfectly smooth without developing any creases or wrinkles.
  • Nubuck – The material is used to polish the surface of men’s slippers and make it robust and last longer.