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The Dubai real estate market is picking up the pace after the COVID-19 crisis. Not only is there a surge in transactions but there’s also an increase in the attention expats are paying towards properties in Dubai. Keeping in view the lockdown restrictions that kept everyone inside their homes, there’s also an increased demand for villas for sale. People are ultimately looking for bigger and more spacious properties that can cater to varying needs.

Whether you’re thinking of looking for properties to live by yourself or with your family, you need a spacious residence. More than that, follow the tips listed below to ensure that you have the best buying experience:

Check Your Budget

Whenever people plan to buy a property, they always think that they have everything figured out. The first thing they look at is the kind of budget they have to invest in a property. Then, they try to locate properties on various property finders and consult real estate agents. The expected result of this is to get them a quote on the property.

It is important to note that you can’t be sure that the exact quotation you get is all the cost you’ll be accruing in the process of buying. There are management and maintenance costs along with those that you accrue with any transaction, whether you buy a standalone property or those constructed by well-known developers.

Leasehold Vs. Freehold Zones

One of the most important things that they forget to think about is whether they are looking in freehold or leasehold zones. Freehold zones are the places where expats can own the land as well as the property built on it. Whereas, in leasehold zones, you have the ownership of the property but the land is only leased to you for a certain period. This period could be as long as 99 years but ultimately, the land is not yours. This is the case you need to consider whenever you’re thinking of buying a property in Dubai. You don’t want to have properties in leasehold zones to ensure complete ownership.

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Once you have all the leasehold and freehold distinctions noted down, you can move on to choose one that suits you the best. You need to think of a few important things before you make your decision. Firstly, think of the places that you’ll need to commute to on a daily basis. This includes your work, gym or the supermarkets that you’ll be visiting for groceries.

Based on preferences, some people might also want parks and amenities such as jogging tracks, fitness centres to be nearby. Moreover, some would even like to live near beaches or malls. Whereas, others would prefer living in suburban quiet neighbourhoods that promise a life of comfort and peace. Community villas for sale in UAE are great for people who want a peaceful and comfortable life.

Property Research

Whether you’re looking to buy from a developer or from a private seller, make sure to conduct thorough research. You can’t miss out on any important details such as the history of the property. This includes the history of tax payments and other outstanding dues accumulating against the property. Normally, people hire agents to do this for them. Not only are real estate agents skilled in conducting proper research, but they are also reliable.

However, it’s smart to not leave things in their hands. You should do your own research and find out things that interest you. Some of these can include the type of neighbourhood the property resides in. Moreover, you can also find out about the seller and the community restrictions that are imposed on the residence. You may find the best luxurious villas for sale that ultimately have some community guidelines you’ll have to follow.

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An important aspect of any property that also determines its value is the accessibility it provides. This means that the property should be close to certain amenities and facilities that are essential for bachelors as well as families. Hospitals, schools, malls, grocery stores, retail centres and entertainment hubs can all fall into this category. So, think about all the things you need to be close by whenever you decide to buy a property and explore offers for houses for sale in the UAE.

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