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We, adults, are very much concerned about our privacy. We never share our banking details, identity, and any other personal information to an unauthorized, unknown, or anonymous source. Even if the source appears gentle, professional, and expert in his line, we still require some conformation before moving ahead. Well, that is what the adults do. What about the senior citizens, our elderly family members?

A kind voice, tender behavior, and a bit of empathy can open them to offer all of their information. In this digital world, kids and elder family members are among the greatest victims of digital crimes. The cyber thieves are always on the search of finding people who do not resist much. Even we were naïve at the first spot. Almost every one of us had been a victim of phishing and online scams once. Indeed, that is how we learned what threats we may have on the digital platforms. Next onto that, we have upgraded our skills in identifying which source is just and which is a scam.

However, our elders do not have that information. There are just a few senior citizens who know about online scams. Certainly, they stay away from any harm, but that figure is too low. Further, online scams are not the only thing. Some of the cases even show that the caretakers do not behave responsibly. Their irresponsible attitude results in the bad health of our elders. Well, almost everyone in the family stays out of the home the entire day. The husband and wife go to the office, the children go to school, and the elder family members have to stay at home. Though it is not common, it is the matter of some homes. Additionally, the families have to hire a caretaker to look after the elder.

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Ahead of that, one of the senior citizen online scam study shows:

  • The senior citizens lose over $30 million every year to online scams.
  • Almost a million senior citizens are left with no money for food because of online scams.
  • Nearly 900,000 elderly family members suffer from hunger because of the irresponsible caretaker

Well, no one might like to keep their parents or grandparents in such a desperate situation. Perhaps it is not even easier for the adults to take care of their elders properly. We all are stuck in our jobs and have less time for our families. Indeed, in such a situation we need a digital partner that can let us know what our elders are doing and how the caretaker is behaving.

Digital Partner:

Not every senior citizen uses the computer or smartphone. There are surely a lot of elder family members who do use digital devices. However, we cannot neglect those who do not use it. Certainly, there is a solution for both of them. Well, that solution is OgyMogy, a monitoring app that can help you look after your elders remotely.

 Best android spy app can let you see what your parents or grandparents are doing on their smartphones. Also, it can bring you the live footage of their activities. Further, it also tracks the computer screens. If elder family members surf the internet on the computer than you can see their actions with Computer monitoring software.

Moving further, as we said above that all the senior citizens do not use smartphones or computers. In that very case, you may request them to have a smartphone. Also, if it is convenient and you have the permission, you may add the caretaker’s smartphone as the target device.

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How to Keep Digital Safety Check on Elderly Family Members with OgyMogy?

You have the information that what OgyMogy is. Let us explore how it can help you keep your elders safe.

OgyMogy has various digital activity tracking features. Like it records the social activities, calls, text messages, and messages on messengers. In short, it tracks every other activity. Along with that, it enables the host to adjust the functionality of the device. For instance, you see that your grandparent is visiting a scam site and someone has asked him for his social security number. At that very moment, you can block that site and save your grandparent.

Down the road, you will find several other handy features in OgyMogy. All of them can let you help your elder family members stay safe in the digital world.

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