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You sit down in front of your laptop or computer, and you open your internet browser. You have an entire day ahead of you filled with school work, tasks for your job, or simple internet browsing. You’re prepared to surf the internet for a few hours, and then it happens.

Your internet connection is slow. You’re constantly seeing buffering symbols and several minutes go by before the webpages load. At this rate, you’ll be tied to your computer all day long.

Now is the time to learn how to speed up your internet before it begins to affect your productivity. Continue reading our guide below to turn your slow internet into a strong internet connection.

Relocate the Router

Where’s your router currently located? Is it tucked away in a closet? Do you have it sitting in a cupboard or bookcase?

The location of the router can have an effect on your internet speeds. Walls, doors, and bookshelves can all obstruct your internet signal and cause internet problems. Rather than hiding your router, place it in a centralized spot close to your computer or laptop.

The closer the router is to your computer with little obstructions, the better connection you’ll have.

Go Back to Cables

Everyone enjoys WiFi. You can pick up your laptop and take it with you anywhere in the house while still enjoying an internet connection. However, don’t feel obligated to use WiFi if not needed.

Instead, go back to using ethernet cables. Connecting your laptop or computer to an ethernet cable will give you a faster and more stable internet connection. No objects around the cable or computer will be able to obstruct the connection either.

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You will be limited to where you can place your laptop when using a wired connection, but it’s well worth it when requiring a strong and reliable connection.

Switch Internet Plans

Sometimes, slow internet speeds are due to the type of internet package you have. Different packages come at different internet speeds and costs depending on the speed you choose. If you’re struggling with internet speeds, then it might be time to switch internet plans.

There are many different options available, which you can find when looking at Centurylink internet plans. Consider how much you use the internet on a daily basis and what you use it for when choosing the right plan for you. For example, if you’re a gamer, have a smart TV, and use your laptop for work purposes, then a high-speed internet plan might be best for you.

This Is How to Speed Up Your Internet

Dealing with slow internet speeds is frustrating and can negatively affect your productivity. Thankfully, there are several ways to get a faster internet connection!

Do you know how to speed up your internet? Once you learn a few tricks for boosting internet speeds, you can then decide if upgrading your internet plan is necessary. Try using all of the helpful tips listed above and then switch internet plans to receive faster internet speeds.

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