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Ever had a thought that “I need to sell my car” after having a leak? UAE is the best place you can find for such dealings, however we at CarSwitch always want our readers to understand their automobiles and tackle such errors. 

Antifreeze is a fluid that works as car coolant used to maintain the engine’s functions in extreme weather conditions. It also saves your car from corrosion and is a significant part of your car. A leak is not the end of your car’s life but if ignored, can bring you trouble. 

Understanding a car’s fluids is not a piece of cake, all fluids with significant uses can leak and cause different errors. You do not want this confusion to you wasting money on getting another fixed. For that, we have your back, yet again! In case you believe your car is having an antifreeze leak, here are ways how to find out: 


  • Keep to the Ground

 The first and foremost way to check any leakage is to look under the car. It is suggested to look under the hood in the morning when the car has been at rest for more than 15 minutes. In case you see any liquid on the floor it means your car is having a leak. 

However, it can not be said that it is an antifreeze leak. There can be other fluid leakage too. You need to check the hoses and around the radiator to detect whether it is an antifreeze leak or any other fluid leak. 


  • Radiator Check
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 Radiator is the cooling device of your vehicle,it controls the engine from heating up and bursting.  To check the coolant leakage, it is important for you to feel the radiator when you check under your car’s engine. Don’t only look for any wet fluid but also check any old colored staind that refer to older leakages. Also check around the radiator and the hoses leading to coolant recovery reservoirs. Any wet fluid or colored stains would indicate previous and recent coolant leak.

How to Check a Vehicle's Coolant/Antifreeze - dummies


  • Update the Hoses

 A regular car check up is essential to avoid any inconvenience. Checking your car’s hoses is as important as fluid and water change. If the hoses are brittle, leaking, soft or cracking, it means they need to be replaced.

It becomes very important to replace the hoses as a bursting hose is as dangerous as it leads to the engine wearing out. Precautionary measures can save you time, effort and money. 

Pro Hoses Induction Hose Upgrade - Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 – AET Motorsport


  • Cool the Pressure Cap

 A pressure cap is a significant element to maintain the car’s heat. If your car’s engine is heating up easily, it means that the pressure cap is unable to maintain the car’s temperature. A heating pressure cap also indicates an antifreeze leak . In order to assess your pressure cap, you can refer to a mechanic to analyse your pressure cap and the pressure limit it can handle.

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  • Internal Leakage

 If you’re unable to find a leak on the radiator or find a puddle on the floor, does not mean that your car isn’t having an antifreeze leak. There can be a small leakage or little damage in the hoses or radiator which can be causing an internal leakage. 

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In this case, it is important to have a regular fluid check. Fluids are your car’s blood and should be assessed. Along with engine and mobil oil check, antifreeze levels should be checked. If it is running out quicker than usual, you need to refer to a professional.


  • Fluid and Water

 Air conditioning condensation and antifreeze leak can easily be confused. Sometimes, when the air conditioning is used for longer hours, the water from the air conditioned to focus on the color of the leakage. If the fluid is yellow greenish it is when the ning system condenses around the radiator, making it wet or even leaking. In that case, you coolant while if not it is only water. 

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Antifreeze leak is usually ignored as people don’t tend to worry about much beyond the engine. Antifreeze is connected with the radiator which controls the engine’s temperature, making it all connected. Refilling and updating the antifreeze coolant is as valuable as any other. In case of such leakage, you should take your car for immediate recovery. 

If your car has been wearing off with such leakages, we still have you! Check out our website to sell your car in Dubai and buy a new one. Find exclusive offers for UAE.

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