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Time spent at college is a happy experience and a fond memory for many students. However, there are some challenges that students have to work hard to overcome. This article provides some of the challenges students face in their college life. They include;

  1. Time management

Many college courses require more time and effort than high school classes. Students in colleges have a lot of activities to attend. For example, essay writing, thesis writing among others. Some do not have a planned schedule for their activities.

Due to the lack of a planned schedule for college activities, many students submit assignments past the deadline. Others wait until the last minute to revise for exams. As a result, they end up scoring poor grades.

  1. Partying

There is no problem with parting, but it is important to party responsibly. Some students party from Monday to Sunday. They wake up tired with hangovers and headaches so, are not able to do all their college tasks.

Drug abuse can lead to bad choices, health risks, and deadly situations. Some students take alcohol and other drugs and have sex without taking the necessary precautions. They end up contracting HIV AIDS or get unwanted pregnancies.

Drug abuse may lead to college dropout or having regrets in your entire life. Students should be careful not to misuse drugs.

  1. Relationships

It is healthy to be in a relationship but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Some students spend a lot of time in relationships and fail to complete school tasks as expected.

Disagreements in couples can lead to distraction from college work. Some students can get into depression due to breakups from relationships.

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When leaving for college, students leave old friends and can only communicate with them through social media. This can affect them especially if they have had the same friends for a long period.

Students face people from different cultures, races, religions, and lifestyles in college. They may feel overwhelmed to start new relationships. It also may be hard for them to appreciate different cultural values.

Coping up with new people and new ideas can bring a feeling of either rejection or acceptance. New friends may have different and unique ways of doing things which may be a challenge.

  1. Social problems

When joining college, you find a new environment. You need to create new roommates, classmates, and friends. You also need to spend time with them.

Spending a lot of time with your friends can be a challenge. Sometimes it might bring up conflicts which can cause distraction from studies.

  1. Home sickness

Some students live at home while schooling and others get accommodation on campus. Homesickness mostly happens to first-year students who live in college hostels or rent houses outside their homes. It’s their first time away from home, they find a new environment and they have no idea where to begin.

Some students choose not to go home for vacations to save on costs. Spending a long time at school may lead to homesickness. Students should communicate constantly with their parents to reduce homesickness.

  1. Debts

The cost of living in colleges is rising every day. Students have extra costs like; buying textbooks, transport, meals, housing, and buying other supplies. If they do not manage their money well, they may end up in unmanageable debts.

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The increased cost of living has led to a high rate of dropouts in colleges. Not all students can afford all the necessities for study. Others are forced to work as they study to meet all their needs.

  1. Health conditions/sickness

Students are at a high risk of contracting diseases. Poor self-care, heightened stress, and lack of good sleep can lead to health problems. They should ensure they take well-balanced meals, have enough rest, and visit campus clinics for checkups regularly.

If you feel unwell and cannot handle any coursework, feel free to seek assistance from assignment help services. They have experts who will handle your coursework with professionalism to help you score high grades.

  1. Depression

All the challenges stated in this list can raise the level of stress to students which can lead to depression. Some students find relief in using drugs and alcohol and partying excessively which may lead to depression.

If you feel depressed in college, seek support from the college counseling center. They have trained counselors who are ready to listen and help students at any time.

To sum up

Campus life is full of good experiences and memories. There are however several challenges that students go through. This article has outlined the challenges. If you are about to join college, be ready for the challenges and prepare to face them.

These challenges should however not make you fear joining college. The struggles and the challenges are worth it. The outcome and the good time outweigh the challenges.