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Bored of your bedroom? Does the living room look mediocre? Does the dining room have a case of boredom? The quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to update a living space is with a new contemporary rugs style.

We’re not talking about one of those high-contrast floor coverings (unless that’s your home decor). No, the current contemporary rugs for area rugs have gone beyond its roots in the simple genre that they come from. Bold patterns, vibrant colours, and easy-care materials have transformed contemporary rugs into essential elements for any theme, from the traditional to the most elegant of modern designs.

Choosing a new contemporary rug

The guidelines remain:

  • What is the use of the mat: traffic, focal point, accessory?
  • How big is the room?
  • How will the decoration shine or complement?

Beyond that, choosing contemporary rugs for any living room is purely a matter of taste. Whatever the colour or pattern, you, the buyer, have fun choosing the area rug that appeals to you the most.

Some guidelines for choosing the right contemporary rugs for your room


  • Large patterns will overwhelm a small room and make it appear smaller, so avoid large patterns if space does not fit visually.
  • Similarly, small and busy patterns in a large living room will make the room feel cluttered.
  • Look for something more daring and simple.
  • Brighten up a dark room with a rug in warm, sunny tones.
  • Rugs designed with bright abstracts in primary colours will highlight stylish contemporary furnishings.
  • Choose a rug with a clearly defined edge to unify a conversation group in a large living room.
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Dining room

Since the rug will likely be under the dining room table, look for rug patterns with an emphasis on the edges, not the centre. Why waste a magnificent Persian medallion in a place where it will not be seen during the main activity?

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Rooms for children:

Choose a rug that is resistant to stains or made of polypropylene, a material that is easily cleaned. Avoid rugs made with popular cartoon character patterns to prevent the child’s room from getting dated (and the child begging for another rug with the latest favourite). Instead, choose a pattern with colours to match a favourite style as the child matures and their tastes change. Or go for a braided rug in various bright colours.

Consider two smaller rugs instead of one large rug and choose a “play mat.” Pick one with a fun and educational street layout, map, game, or another layout. Children will spend hours enjoying something that sparks their imaginations.

If the room is too small for two rugs, consider an “educational rug” as the centrepiece. Educational rugs can present the alphabet, numbers, animals, world maps, and many other topics in a way that promotes fun and learning.


Contemporary rugs clearly offer such a wonderful range of options that they are suitable for any room in the house. Chosen wisely, a contemporary rug in your home can enchant and dazzle family and guests for many happy years.

Contemporary rugs are quite popular today with a wide variety of colours and patterns that they come in. Also, the ever-increasing price of famous antique rugs and Persian rugs has made contemporary rugs a favourite of the masses. They have a quality to blend into any environment that makes them suitable for an old or modern home.

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Cosy and comfortable 

It goes without saying that a rug can make a huge difference to a room, be it residential or commercial. It not only adds to the decor but also makes the room more cosy and comfortable. The warmth and shine that a rug brings to a room are what most people look for when buying it. And for the wealthy, the material and age of the rug help proclaim to the world their prosperity and wealth. Contemporary rugs made their way into that setting to become part of modern homes.

Buying a rug is a simple process. You will find hundreds of varieties of rug stores for sale. But buying a random rug and placing it in your room is not enough. You need to find the right one that matches the existing decor in your room, as well as one that fits the budget you have in mind. Contemporary rugs fit into a more modern setting where the place of the rug is not to draw attention above everything else in the room but to remain invisible and still add elegance to the room.

Modern carpet 

It is not possible to acquire a modern carpet without prior knowledge about carpets in general and their different categories. You need to know why you need a particular contemporary rug and not another. Information gathering has become so easy now with the internet that this is an easy job. In fact, you can find many examples of contemporary rugs and also many online stores that have rugs for sale. Consulting an online store can also give you an idea of ​​the price range. Properly maintained and cared for contemporary rugs can bring shine and splendour to your living rooms and provide underfoot comfort. They make a home and a cold concrete floor, a source of warmth and comfort.