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IIF file or Intuit Interchange Format is basically a TSV (Tab-Separated Value) or ASCII text file which plays a very significant role in managing the payroll. This file helps in aligning the payroll amounts with accounts in QuickBooks Desktop. It is used to import and export the data of lists and transactions by QuickBooks Desktop and thus it helps organizations to manage their data much efficiently. To learn “how to create an IIF file for QuickBooks” then you need to refer to this article in brief.

Steps to create an IIF file for QuickBooks

Importing an IIF file for QuickBooks

To import an IIF file for QuickBooks, you need to go through the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, you need to open QuickBooks.
  • Then go to the File menu tab> then from listed options, click on Utilities>Import and then on IIF files.
  • Once done, now an import window will get displayed on the screen. Now select the iif record which you saved.
  • After that click to open.
  • Now you need to tap the pop-up message “Your statistics has been created efficaciously”.

Creating an IIF File from Excel

I want to import payroll and invoices data then you can do so by using excel. You can easily import your data from Excel by the method of creating an IIF file. To know how to create an IIF file from excel, you need to refer given below steps.

  • First, open an excel file> then click on the File option.
  • Now you need to click Browse and look for the IIF file.
  • Once done, now choose the file and then tap on to Open.
  • If in case you’re not able to see it then ensure that you choose All Files from the lower-right hand corner.
  • Now tap on the view record option and give a name from .txt to iif.
  • Properly click on the view record and give the same name from .txt to IIf.
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Creating an IIF file for QuickBooks Desktop

If in case you have QuickBooks Desktop integration then you need to create an Intuit Interchange format report after strolling payroll. This file basically contains the data that which payroll amounts align with bills in QuickBooks Desktop. So, to create an IIF file for QuickBooks, you need to go through the below-mentioned steps.

  • Initially, you need to open your QuickBooks account.
  • After that, run payroll software on your computer.
  • Once done, then you need to tap on the Reports tab.
  • Now select the Payroll History tab.
  • Thereafter, navigate to the payroll that you’ve run in step 2. Then you need to click on the View Details option.
  • Now tap on the Export option which is located next to QuickBooks.
  • The IIF file will get download to your system.
  • Now you need to sign in to your QuickBooks account and then upload the downloaded IIF file.

Steps for accessing the IIF file data

To access the data of the IIF file, you need to refer to the given below steps.

  • First, open your QuickBooks software and then navigate to the Billing Admin tab.
  • Now from the listed options, tap on the QuickBooks Import.
  • After that, you need to choose the required .iif file.
  • Once done, now hit the ctrl + T key to open a new tab.
  • Now hit the ctrl + O key to open the .iif file in the new tab.

Benefits of IIF files

  • You can easily import transactions into QuickBooks via another program.
  • By using the IIF file, you can export your lists from the QuickBooks company file.
  • Import of QuickBooks Timer activities into a company file becomes very easy.
  • Now you can share the data between different QuickBooks editions.
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Limitations of IIF files

  • You are not supposed to create links between transactions.
  • While importing or exporting the data, you need to be in a single-user mode. However, this practice prevents unauthorized users to access the imported data.
  • The import and export of data are only taken place by the QuickBooks administrator. So, to import and export the data, you need to log in as an Admin user.
  • The data of payroll can not be imported or exported.
  • Transactions are not exported. You can use the IIF file to import lists and transactions.


I hope this article will help you in creating an IIF file for your QuickBooks. However, if in case you face any issue or doubt while creating an IIF file then you can visit us at our website i.e. Dancing Numbers for more ways to create and edit if files in QuickBooks.

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