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Diamond is considered as the King of gemstones in gemology. It is the naturally occurring hardest thing known to mankind. They make a status symbol and the jewellery which has Diamonds studded in it is known to rule the adornment segment. Since decades, the transparent sparkling gem has made heads turn and was adorned by the Kings and Queens. 

People use diamond gemstone jewellery even today to express their feelings to their partners. The trend of presenting a diamond ring while proposing a prospect for marriage has been practised since centuries. This beautiful gemstone is known as the stone of true love and is often used in engagement rings.

Did you know that despite the rarity, clarity and sheen of the Diamond gemstone, there are other precious stones that are rare and more expensive? Yes! You read that right. Listed below are 10 gemstones that are rare and more expensive than the diamonds. Let’s scroll!  

  1. Tanzanite 

Tanzanite is quite an uncommon gemstone that is just found in one spot in the entire world. All the more explicitly, it is mined in the lower regions of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. This gemstone is available in blue, greenish-yellow, violet and earthy colours. When set in a piece of jewellery, the Tanzanite can enhance the appearance of the ornament and add value to the jewellery. 

  1. Painite 

One of the rarest and one of a kind gemstone that has an earthy orange colour, the Painite is more expensive than a Diamond. This unique and magnificent variety of gemstone was first discovered in Myanmar in the 1950s. Only twenty-five specimen of the Painite gemstone is found till date from the time it was first found making it the rarest and expensive gemstones in the whole world. 

  1. Burma Ruby 

Another gemstone discovered solely in Myanmar, the Burma ruby is portrayed by its distinctive blood-shading. The main distinction that makes the Burmese Ruby rare and different from the other existing variety of Ruby gemstones is that in the Burma Ruby has less iron component as compared to the other Rubies found in various parts of the world. Less amount of Iron in the Burma Rubies give it a peculiar shade of red making it a rare and expensive gemstone. 

  1. Red Beryl 

Red Beryl is a gemstone whose compound structure is firmly associated with that of the Emerald and the Aquamarine gemstone. Red Beryl is very rare and scarce thus, making it one of the rarest and expensive gemstones. The Red Beryl gemstones are found only in the Wah Wah Mountains in Utah and in New Mexico. 

  1. Alexandrite 

Alexandrite was first found in the Ural Mountains in Russia and was named after Tsar Alexander II. This uncommon gemstone dazzles that differ according to the light makes it unique and precious. The bluish-green and magenta shades that this gemstone display makes it very attractive and worth possessing.  Apart from the Ural Mountains when it was first discovered in the year 1830, the Alexandrite gemstone has additionally been found in East Africa, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. 

  1. Grandidierite 

Despite the fact that the first-ever Grandidierite was found in Sri Lanka, most of the stones come only from Madagascar. This gemstone has an extraordinary blue-green shading that is the consequence of iron in its synthetic development. 

  1. Kashmir Sapphire 
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The Kashmir Sapphire is a kind of blue sapphire that owes its shading to considerations of rutile within it. This gemstone was delivered in the Himalayas. Nonetheless, the mines ran dry since the 1930s, making the Kashmir Sapphire probably the most uncommon stone on the planet. 

  1. Musgravite 

Musgravite was found distinctly in 1967 in South Australia’s Musgrave Range. Nonetheless, what makes this sparkling gemstone so uncommon is that there are only eight specimens of this rare gemstone which are found till date making it the rarest gemstone and one of the most expensive gemstones in the entire world. 

  1. Taaffeite 

Taaffeite is a mystic gemstone that is rare and is light violet in colour. The first Taaffeite was found by an Austrian geologist named Richard Taaffe in the year1945. This is how the gemstone got its name from. A considerate amount of the Taaffeite gemstone had been found in Sri Lanka and Tanzania in the past. 

  1. Jadeite 

Jadeite is a precious stone which is bright green in colour and it is translucent in appearance. Despite the fact that it is known to be a variety of Jade, the Jadeite gemstone is very rare and extremely expensive than the Diamond gemstone. In ancient times, the Jadeite was generally utilized in the Mesoamerica for the development of different instruments and weapons. Most of the Jadeite gemstones that are found today are sourced from Myanmar.