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Are you looking for a reliable and credible speaker hire package and confused about where to start from? Well, take a deep breath as we take you through the varied packages that will be an absolute delight to the seasoned audiophile. A great sound system is the heart of a party, concert, or any other public event. There is a range of packages available from the basic PA system for smaller events to large systems for corporate events. The speaker package that you hire will depend on the nature of the event you are planning to host, as there are different packages meant for varied events like festivals, dinners, weddings, conferences, concerts, etc.

This is a common thing in Australia to hire speaker package for events that are going to have a gathering of a large number of people. No matter the type of event you are organizing, hiring a speaker or audio system of premium quality is suitable for your convenience. However, with an umpteen number of variables, it is slightly difficult to settle for the right package. Choosing the right speaker hire package will also reflect your passion for music and your understanding. Read the following categories of the packages to know more about them

The Types of Speaker Hire Packages Available for Music Lovers:

1. Small PA Hire Ipod Package:

If you are arranging a small party at home with a limited number of invitees, then this package is the one to pick. This portable speaker hire package has its own mixer and will deliver great-sounding music or speech for up to 150 people. Also, there is no major arrangement required for this setup. All you need is an iPad, iPhone, laptop or microphone to conduct the event. It’s easy to use by simply plugging it in.

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2. Party Package:

This is a popular speaker hire package preferred by many consumers. If you want to gift your guests a beautiful evening, then this would be the right pick for you. This small PA Hire option delivers full-range clarity of music playback as well as speech for up to 150 people. However, it is important to note that you need to plug in the party speaker into a mixer or audio console to create the maximum impact. Some people also prefer DIY party sound packs to add more creativity to their party.

3. Single Sub Package:

This is another category widely used sound package hired by people across Australia. To make your party happening and make your guests groove to the party tunes, this package is a great one. This is perfect for medium-sized events of up to 215 people. The package includes a sub-woofer to add extra low-end punch to really get the crowd moving. While looking for a speaker hire package, don’t forget to consider this option.

4. Dual Sub Package:

This speaker package is ideal for an electrifying audio experience. The speakers are real mood setters and it is loved by music connoisseurs. This speaker hire package is suitable for music and speech for up to 250 people. The two subs add an additional real dimension to your sound. Good for a band with a drum kit or spinning some bangers at a DJ event. If you need other music equipment, you can rent them separately.

Audio Hire: A Guide To Help You Get Started


Hence, go through all the above packages to select the perfect speaker hire. Another important thing to remember is to carefully select a worthwhile company that has a good reputation in the market. A good company has a fair idea about the whereabouts of this business. They have ample sound equipment at their disposal to help you throughout the day. Last but not the least, they should be well-equipped to help you in an emergency.