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When you decide to buy a new home, there are a lot of things that you consider prior to confirming the deal. Out of all, a home inspection service is one of the essential considerations that helps you know the exact condition of your house. These days most people go for a home inspection because they think it includes an important service like termite inspection.

So, let’s clear your doubt first. These days, All the home inspectors do not perform a termite inspection. For this, you need to look for an online termite inspection near me and find the one to understand your requirements. This is because the roles of both the inspectors are completely different and the licensing for termite inspectors and home inspectors is also different.

However, you will find some reliable companies who have both home inspectors and termite inspectors. So, always search for such companies to get a hassle-free home and termite inspection service.


What Exactly Happens if a Home Inspector Finds The Termites in a Home?

Every home owner should be aware of how dangerous termites are and what kind of damage they can cause to your property. Therefore, you need to be highly cautious before purchasing a home. If it has the problems like a termite infestation, you need to take proper treatment; otherwise, you may require spending thousands of dollars in repairing your home.

Many times the damage caused by termites can be severe, and you may recognize it too late. So, it’s always advisable to go for a home inspection as a home inspector quickly identified a termite or any other home-destroying organism. However, home inspection engineers in Dallas can suggest you to go for professional termite control service but usually termite inspection is not a part of home inspection.

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How Often Should You Go For Termite Inspection? 

If you have your own home, make sure you get it inspected by a certified and licensed termite professional at least once a year. Suppose you have decided to buy a new home and have already called home inspection engineers in Dallas for assistance, they will also tell you the common signs of termite activity. But for the removal of termites, you require a professional pest control company because they can tell you the signs of termite invasion along with the feasible solutions.

There are many common signs of termite activity and once you see any of these signs, contact a pest control expert for a thorough inspection.


Signs of termite invasion: 

  • If you see mud tubes along with the foundation walls, termites are traveling throughout your home.
  • You can also find discarded wings of termites as they drop their wings while establishing a new colony.
  • If you found something like sawdust or coffee grounds near the door or window frames, it’s probably termite’s waste.
  • If you have started observing sagging on the floor or ceiling, it indicates structural damage in the wood because of termites. They excessively feed on the wood and can cause severe damage to the interior and exterior of your house.


How Much Does a Termite Treatment Cost?

When you ask about the termite treatment cost, no professional will answer without determining some of the essential factors. These factors include:

Location of Infestation: If termites are located inside the wall cavities or wall ceilings, the cost of treatment will be more because as it will require more effort to treat such infestation.

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Time of treatment: As not all infestations take the same time, the longer the treatment time, the more you are required to pay.

The extent of damage: Most of the time, termite professionals cannot tell you the cost because it’s hard to determine it without exploring the damage. The professionals have to remove the floor, ceiling coverings, and walls to look for the damage. Sometimes, infrared scanning is preferred by professionals to get a general idea of the amount of damage. However, thorough inspection to detect the damage is done by physically removing the building coverings.

Foundation of the house: The house with maximum crawl spaces required paying more for the treatment as it’s challenging to work in these tight spaces. Also, concrete slab foundations must be drilled because the damage is usually hidden inside the exterior walls.

However, the average cost of treating a 2000 square foot house costs around $1750. moreover, you can also go for spot treatments where only the focus areas are treated, and it cost around $350.



Now you must be clear that for treating termites, you need to take the assistance of pest control professionals. Search for such professionals by typing ‘online termite inspection near me,’ and you simply come across the professionals you are in search of.