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Elizabeth Zoom is a 15-year-old U.S. girl who forgot to muter the audio mike on Zoom Class. She became popular with the video when it goes viral and got more than 1.5 million views in one day. This was her mistake that led others in a fear of muting or unmuting the mikes while using Zoom application and other applications like Zoom. People become conscious. This is how Elizabeth gained a new following to her videos. The video was uploaded in 29th January 2021. Due to elizabeth zoom class tiktok video, she was slammed for an insensitive video. It was just a 40 seconds’ clip. She is a student and the video clip due to her mistake of forgetting to mute the mike makes her very much popular and millions started following her. The viral clip is still available on TikTok and Twitter.

Viewers and Audience Reaction on TikTok Elizebeth Zoom Class Video:

The top comment reads “she a 15 years old student and still this is an insult to her, can’t stand these sick deviants, human animals.” However, users are spreading the TikTok Elizabeth zoom class video so that it is tagged “New meme”, “TikTok celebrity”, and “TikTok controversy” to gain more views. This is what the video has gone viral. Zoom is the name of the app in which she uploads her videos. Her real name is Elizabeth. She is in high school. Some people criticize the Elizabeth Zoom Class TikTok video while others are not aware of her age. Twitter #ElizabethZoom is the trending topic of the night as people on Twitter are sharing the video and she became famous all over the internet. Although she is not that famous in real life yet she can make millions by uploading videos to YouTube. Her video has gone viral and has become a trending topic for people on social media.

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Impact of This Video on Zoom App Users

Zoom app is growing very fast. After pandemic condition of Covid19, it has gained popularity due to home learning need and online classes. However, when the video of Elizabeth Zoom Class TikTok goes viral, the users of this application became very conscious about this app and its security. Users of this app are spreading the word among other users as well. In this app, it is okay to video in public places. However, there is a risk involved. Many parents are banning their children from using this application for their safety. They don’t want the video to become viral. They have the option to set audio mike for their children. Many students and teachers started questioning about the mute option of this app that maybe it was not a mistake of Elizabeth to mute the mike or she muted the mike but the application opposes her action and it was still unmuted. This became the reason to take down the viral elizabeth zoom class tiktok video from TikTok.

However, the video is still available on social media. There are many other controversies about this video. However, we think, those involved on this matter are just an eye opener and something to take note about. The users of the app should be careful about their actions when using this app. After all, users are the biggest asset of this app. That’s why it is a shame that when a 15 years old girl forgot to mute the mike in the app, millions of people saw it. Some people used this to gain more popularity and this was a big mistake. They need to pay more attention while using this app. However, the fact that this tiktok elizabeth zoom class video goes viral and becomes a trending topic shows that people are still willing to engage in other activities with this app. Parents need to take this seriously and take measures to stop their children from doing illogical and illegal activities while using social media apps for their own safety.

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Elizabeth Zoom Class Goes Viral: Twitter Reacts

As usual, Twitter reacted on this topic. Many users started talking about the issue of elizabeth zoom class tiktok and they claimed that this app must be banned for its security and privacy purpose. Some people claim that parents need to teach their children how to use the app with security measures. In addition, most of the parents are aware about the default privacy settings of the app and they set them for their children. Many terrified users started questioning about the mute and security option of this app.

Most of the users are suggesting their parents to take this matter seriously as they have the option to block specific contacts from seeing their videos or pictures and they can also set a filter for privacy issues in this app. Others pointed out that this has become another risk factor that could be exploited by fraudsters and hackers. It is hard to say if this app is a security risk to its users. It is possible that some people already exploited this and took advantage of the kid’s stupidity. However, for now, there is a chance to avoid this issue and it can be stopped before it starts to become a serious issue. There are no more details about what this teen did with her mike, however, it is necessary to remember that there are many video content providers where such things happened in the past. The fact that this can happen at such a young age indicates that there are some risk factors that parents can take part to protect their children from this type of incidents. Despite this incident of elizabeth zoom class tiktok, there are many people who really like the app and they are trying to find out other uses of this app.

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In addition, many users are claiming that this incident could be an opportunity for them to start using the app more. Some people claim that parents should take this matter seriously and they should know how to control their child. Some parents claim that there is a need for parental control options in the app and they should take advantage of this issue and teach their children how to use this app with parental controls.

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