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Do you want to increase your e-commerce sales?

The good news is the retail market is recovering after its recent drop. American consumers alone will spend over $930 billion on e-commerce. It represents around 15% of the total retail sales.

However, making the most out of your e-commerce growth goes beyond advertising online. It also involves getting into SEO for e-commerce and other trends.

If you want a starting point, read on for a quick e-commerce trend guide:

Personalization and Zero-Party Data

Apple’s dramatic change to their data privacy tanked a primary source of e-commerce customer information. The tech titan allowed its users to get rid of data tracking during their iOS 14.5 updates.

For this reason, Facebook lost a valuable asset since it was the backbone of its ad targeting feature. Many e-commerce brands saw a decrease in ad effectiveness as a result.

Your brand must rapidly adapt to this change while future-proofing it from further changes. The best way is to collect data directly from your customers through zero-party data. You can leverage it to personalize their experience.

Increased Crypto Adoption

Crypto was always an alternative to fiat currency. However, it suffers from various challenges, such as volatility and complex usage. As a result, its adoption was slow.

In recent years, top cryptocurrency platforms had massive spikes in traffic. It happened because of the rising decentralization of finance. Some large banks and platforms include crypto as part of their services.

Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies, saw more uses in e-commerce. Transactions within the blockchain have permanent and immutable records.

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The Delivery Revolution Continues

Since the health crisis, the home delivery service has rapidly evolved. Companies did their best to meet consumer desires for fast and convenient delivery. However, their efforts are still not enough.

Younger generations drive the demand for more flexible and faster delivery. It made e-commerce companies more creative to meet their needs. For example, partnerships between retailers and delivery services enabled same-day delivery.

D2C Sales

The evolution of e-commerce made it possible for businesses to sell directly to consumers. It means they need not deal with various intermediaries and resellers.

The idea was already gaining traction within the past five years. However, the coming years will make it a more permanent engagement. Manufacturers and wholesalers can now focus on this trade through online stores.

D2C sales let consumers enjoy lower product prices. At the same time, companies have higher profit margins.

Sustainability or Bust

Younger audiences are now focusing on sustainability due to planetary concerns. If you want your e-commerce website to be more desirable, consider switching from plastic packaging. Consider including this fact in your product information to ensure your consumers’ support.

Jump in the Latest E-commerce Trend Now

We hope our guide encouraged you to join at least one e-commerce trend. If you want to grow your brand, consider adapting conversational commerce as well.

However, your e-commerce site could use some tweaking. Find a web designer to help improve your layout and visual elements.

Are you looking for more helpful posts? If so, consider exploring our other posts and learn today.

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