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Did you know that people spend 90 percent of all mobile online time on apps? For a business trying to boost its sales and get the attention, it needs, having an app can be a crucial step.

With 8.7 million people involved in developing apps, however, finding the right person to build the app you want can be a challenge. So how do you choose an app developer?

Read on for tips on what to look for and what to consider to have the right app development experience.

Choose an App Developer with Experience

You want a specialist to develop the app for your business. Android development is a specific field and requires the right training. The person you choose has to be someone who should be an expert in programming languages, SDKs, and how to develop apps for the specific mobile devices you prefer, like Android or iOS.

If you want to create a native mobile application, for example, you want to find a developer that focuses on native mobile apps.

Most of the time, a company that provides a wide variety of IT services will not have the level of expertise you need. Turning to a company that specializes in app development in general and in what you are looking for from the app specifically, you will have a better app development experience.

It is even better if the company has provided services for a business in your same field since they will have a better idea of what works and what does not.

Look at Their Portfolio

The portfolio of the app developer should feature the best work they have created, allowing you an overview of the types of services they can provide as well as the quality of results you can expect.

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The app has to look beautiful but it has to also work. Its user interface has to be sleek and intuitive.

The portfolio has to also list the skills the developer has, like U/UX skills and Webfont development. Look at what technologies they used on previous app projects as you take in the design. For an even more in-depth look, you want to download some of the apps they have worked on to see how they function and how they look across mobile devices.

Check References and Read Reviews

If you love a company’s app, get a hold of them and ask about the developer who provided it for them. They can give you an idea of the experience they had. You can also go directly to a developer and ask them for references you can contact.

Before choosing the developer, reading online reviews is essential. There are many third-party review sites where you can get an honest look at the developer. These sites may also include important information like costs, team size, location, and more.

Look for information on the developer’s adherence to customer guidelines, their lead times, and anything else you find crucial.

Select the Right Company Size

If you want a team of five or six developers, reaching out to a development company that has a staff of thousands will get you put at the end of the line. You will not be a priority.

On the other hand, if you need to get an app ready in record time and you are planning on scaling up your team, choosing a development company with ten people is also not a good idea. You will have all of their attention, but you are putting your company’s growth at risk.

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When you look for an app developer, you want one proportional to your needs.

Go Beyond Pricing

Never choose an app developer solely on their prices. You likely have an app development budget you need to stick to, but choosing the developer based on who charges the least is a mistake. You are looking for a great product, not to save money.

Although saving some money in the short run can be appealing, it can end up costing you more in the long run if you have to redo the app with another developer.

Communication Skills

The process of app development for your business should not be a nightmare. If you hire a developer with poor communication skills, that is exactly what it will be. The developer might create exciting apps, but the process can take much longer and be much more frustrating if you cannot communicate with them as you need to.

As you reach out to developers and speak with them, pay attention to how quickly they get back to you, how they communicate their thoughts, and their overall receptiveness. If you have a hard time getting them to understand what you want from the app, that is a warning sign they may not be the best option.

Interest in Your Business

Some developers are only interested in the development of apps. It is always better to choose a company that is interested in your business.

Choose a developer that takes the time to get to know your company and its unique needs. The more someone knows about the company, the easier it will be for them to develop an app that caters to it.

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A development company that understands your business will be able to offer insights into how to make the app you want better.

Improve Your Business With an App

When you choose a app developer with experience and training, you will boost your business’s visibility and revenue. Read more on how apps can have an impact on your company by visiting our Tech page!

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