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Lions Share smart contract is a verified smart contract system that is directly located on a blockchain network. It does not have any geographical boundaries. There is no limit or boundaries to the number of people you can reach through it. This is a platform that can give you global exposure. It is a peer to peer decentralized, Ethereum based smart contract matrix program built which uses Ethereum smart contract technology, working on the blockchain. This platform is self-operating, which means that it cannot be hacked or changed by anyone.

Lions Share clone script is encrypted within a legal framework. Therefore, it is not possible to hack the system. All the payments done on the platform are directly stored to the individual’s respective wallets and nothing about it is stored on the website. Even during the time of crisis, for example, if the website or system goes down, still the transactions made are safe as the money is secured safely into the wallets.

Lions Share MLM Clone Script was created for the users and the people. It is a decentralized system based on the Ethereum network. It does not require any admin or owner. It is totally a self-operating system placed on the blockchain, that is unchangeable and unhackable.

Smart contract based MLM like Lions Share is all about multi-level marketing business. It is a business model which is based on referrals, peer to peer networking, and mainly about the matrix. It is transparent in nature and highly secure and private.

Ethereum smart contract MLM like Lions Share is a 100% open smart system. It is a kind of binary-level earning system. One can withdraw to a local bank without any limitations. It is given at an affordable price of 0.04 ETH only. It does not involve any administrative system.

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Lions Share smart contract is a verified smart contract system that is directly located on a blockchain network. It does not have any geographical boundaries. There is no limit or boundaries to the number of people you can reach through it. This is a platform that can give you global exposure.

Any personal information can be collected for a Lions Share smart contract MLM clone script. It can be done since you are the owner of the company and it’s your business. It is designed in such a way that anyone can have success with the duplication process.

Lions Share smart contract Commission Payout;

Members directly get their respective commission into their wallets. Any commission is not made on the responsibility of the company. Therefore, one cannot hold the company responsible for anything. The waiting time of year, month, weeks, days, hours, and minutes has been reduced to seconds for the transaction process with the help of the Ethereum wallets. Payments are done in peer to peer networks, therefore anonymity of the users is ensured. No personal information is stored.

Ways to earn effectively through Lions Share Clone script;

The first way to earn money is through passive returns on the investments
The second way is through recruitment, i.e. through referrals

Features of Lions Share Smart Clone script:

Verified Smart contracts
No boundary limitations
Constant Compensation Plans
Pocket-friendly plans
Various gateway plans
Amazing UI/ UX design
Sureshot Whitelabel solutions

Feature of Lions Share MLM clone script:

Decentralized Smart Contract MLM environment.
Smart Contracts built on a secure and powerful Ethereum Blockchain system
100% White label business solution
The Matrix system is customizable.
Cross business platform compatibility.
Availability of integrated Cryptocurrency wallets.
Can handle above 10 million customers at a time.
Unhackable and secure MLM Platform.
Various payment gateway options.
Excellent UI/UX design.
No owner or admin is required.
Binary Level Earning Business Model
Impossible to do frauds
Risk-free Business Model
Just a one-time startup cost.
100% open-source smart contract system.

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Lions share Clone script has two types of Compensation Plan:

L1 ( Personal Matrix)
L2 ( Team Matrix)
Both the plans have 16 packages at the same price. One can join both the matrices at the same time.
In the case of L1, If you are the one who is running the business then you have to buy one package and do the referrals. Your first two referrals will directly pay into your wallet while the third referral pays into your sponsor’s wallet. The more you invite friends, the more you can make money.
In the case of L2, you can earn without referring to any people. Here in L2, the payments coming from your first two referrals will not go to your wallet, instead, it goes directly to the global team. Whereas the payments coming from your third, fourth, and fifth referrals will get directly into your wallet. Like the L1, payment coming from your sixth referral will be directed to your sponsor’s wallet to reopen your matrix.

With these Ethereum smart contract MLM scripts, one can build and launch smart contract-based MLM clone website platforms like Million Money, Forsage, Ethereum’s Cash, XOXO network, Doubleway within a short span of time.
One can quickly build smart contract MLM platforms like Lions Share through a readymade Lions Share MLM clone script. A company can provide you a well-developed customizable Lions Share clone script as per the clients’ requirements. Smart contracts are powered with it to make it more secure.

Choose experts that can provide smart contracts with security feature options so that there are no bugs found in your Lions Share MLM smart contract script. They are responsible for providing projects on time with high-quality features. To start a smart contract MLM like Lions Share, you are going to need a team of best developers and expert consultation.