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Watches are an indispensable part of our life. Watches take care of time and memory. It helps to keep a track of your day and functions.

Although the measurement of time began early in the 14th century BC, the first recorded watch was created inthe 16th century in Germany. The first watches were worn as a pendant and the time accuracy was very poor.

During the early years, watches weren’t a common thing in daily life. The market is filled with cheap branded watches, luxury designer watches, bedside alarm clocks and many more. It has become super convenient for people to keep track of time and get the work done.

Watches have also become more than a necessity. Designer watches are an integral part of the fashion industry. There are thousands of styles present in the market for watches. There are variations in colours, sizes, designs, etc.

During the early years, only a handful of companies made watches. Today, there are so many companies producing watches with their own innovations in designs and technology.

At present, watches reflect the social status of a person in society. For many, wearing a designer watch or showing off their new smartwatch is a symbol of style and class. Watches and fashion go hand in hand now with global brands investing millions of dollars in marketing watches as a fashion accessory.

This trend gradually started after the Second World War when wristwatches became commercially viable among the common folks.

And then in 1969 when Seiko invented mass-produced Quartz watches, globalisation began and the industry started growing at a massive rate. Today, stores like Give and Take, have everything from sports watches to designer dress watches.

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But before all these commercialisations, watches have gone through an interesting history. Scroll down below to know!

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