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Experts say that the number of mobile users has almost doubled in the past few years. The increase in the use of mobile devices has encouraged techies to come up with unique, user-friendly, and robust mobile applications for the end-users. Businesses have started going digital by hiring mobile app development experts. Not many business owners would be familiar with technical aspects of app creation, so they choose to hire an offshore mobile application development company, as it offers services from requirement analysis to deployment & maintenance.

This approach of hiring the best candidates from companies from your own country or nearby countries can help you optimize spendings and gain the wishable product. To know more about offshore mobile application development and its pros & cons, let us go through this blog.

What is Offshore Mobile App Development?

When it comes to app development if there is not a profound understanding of the requirement, you cannot get the best solution. And that is why businesses hire outsourcing mobile app development companies that can help you convert your mobile app idea into a reality.

Offshore outsourcing mobile app development is a widely accepted concept by different startups and enterprises across various industries. It means hiring a remote mobile app development team from a different country than your business. The offshore mobile app developers can join your project on demand and create the perfect application for your business. One of the reasons why business owners are looking for offshore app development companies to develop their applications is the price.

These outsourcing app development companies offer a comprehensive suite of services like custom mobile app design, mobile app development, and maintenance. Besides, there are some companies that offer systems for CRM, SCM, ERP, and other enterprise-level services for different industries.

Pros of Offshoring Mobile App Development

After understanding what exactly offshore software development means, it’s time to learn about its advantages –

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1. Outsource Mobile App Development is a Cost-effective Solution

Offshore outsourcing software development is a very important helpful tactic that enables businesses to save a lot of money and concentrate on other important tasks. It is the best option and more cost-effective as service providers from countries like Poland, Vietnam, India, and China are much less expensive because of the lower living costs there. Besides, these places offer a rich pool of talent.

2. No Worries About Hiring Proper Technical Expertise

One of the biggest advantages of hiring an offshore mobile app developer is that you don’t have to spend more time profiling, finalizing interview dates, interviewing, and hiring the service provider for your project. This entire process is carried forward by an HR manager of an outsourcing company that you choose to work with.

The management team of the hired development company will recognize the perfect talent for your project and suggest the candidate to you. Then all you need to do is, take an interview and bring the developer on board.

3. Get Access to a Large Talent Pool Available Worldwide

When you are looking for the best offshore app development company, you can get access to a wide choice of countries that have an extensive talent pool to offer. Mainly, the countries like India, Vietnam, Ukraine, and  China are at the top when it comes to hiring software development services providers.

The professionals from these developing countries are highly-experienced, professional, and well-educated. They are known as the top engineers around the world by Hacker Rank.

4. Focus on Your App Development Process

The offshore app development team is considered beneficial and handy for any type of business because of the professionalism that the hired company offers and the ways its developers follow to concentrate on managing the internal tasks of any business project. This offers the in-house team of any organization much more time to spend on other important matters.

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5. Save Time and Get Rid of the Micromanagement

When an organization decides to hire an offshore mobile app development outsourcing company, the choice comes with an attractive advantage. The experts of the hired organization don’t waste more time on micromanagement during an entire development process. They only pay attention and hire skilled qualified Project Managers who can control the entire workflow of the project, can lead the team, and avoid undesirable things such as micromanagement.

Cons of Offshoring Mobile App Development

Let us go through some of the disadvantages that come with hitting the offshore development team for your mobile application  –

1. Threats Related to IP protection

When you decide to hire any offshore software company and are going to sign an NDA or an IP agreement with that firm, the one thing that you need to see is the company’s willingness to do the task. The approach always hints if the company or its employees has some dark plans toward your project idea or data.

Besides, an intellectual property (IP) agreement is something that will ensure that your data is protected and if something happens you can avoid negative consequences for the business if you have signed it.

2. Time Difference is a Challenge

When organizations decide to take help from the outside of the firm, the offshore companies that they approach are from different time zones. This can bring some benefits, but moreover, it has many drawbacks. When you hire a company from a different time zone, you will have to manage the meeting times.

Besides, if you have any queries and want the developers to resolve them, you will have to wait till the working hours of the developers begin. All these things can bring an issue in the project’s development process and eventually affect the project’s success.

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3. Waste of Time

Searching for an offshore mobile apps development company that has a proper team of experts is a very challenging, complex, and time-consuming process. It is a much faster process than creating an in-house team but is still time-consuming.

4. Language Barrier With Outsourcing Mobile App Development Team

Outsourcing companies can be from any place around the world, and if the firm you are working with has a headquarter in a non-English speaking country, then it can be really challenging to communicate with the employees. But if the company offers engineers who are fluent in English then it can be a relief.

So, always go with the company that doesn’t come with a language barrier for you and your in-house teammates.


As seen in this blog, if you are looking to build a mobile application for your business and want to hire an offshore development services provider, it can be the best option for you but only if you are aware of all the pros and cons that come with hiring software outsourcing in foreign countries.

Collaboration with offshore software companies can offer you access to a great talent pool with cost-effective services but it also comes with a language barrier. So, before hiring the offshore development team of app developers, make sure that they have the experience and capability to fulfill all your requirements.


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