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The most immediate and direct way to understand how to exploit the articles of the blog with the latest …on social media: sharing. Copy the URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Take care of all the details and launch your update, in this way you reach two substantial objectives:

  • Enrich the channel with useful content.
  • Increase inbound visits to your blog.

But more can be done, as always on the other hand. Your latest publication in the online diary is not just a means to enrich an editorial calendar otherwise devoted only to promotion. And social media shouldn’t be seen solely as a means to improve blog visits.

There is more to consider and develop to create a unique experience. For example? Are there any other tips to follow? Here’s how to take advantage of blog articles on your social network channels.

The Topic Of This post

  • 1 Edit the preview and caption fields
  • 2 Consider reposting
  • 3 Involve other users in the share
  • 4 Publish posts at the right time
  • 5 There are sponsored articles
  • 6 How do you leverage content on social media?

Take care of the preview and caption fields

This is the first step to consider when they ask me how to get the best out of my shares. The starting point? Make sure the preview has been optimized. You need to know that this element strongly attracts users’ clicks, but to make the most of it you need to optimize:

  • Title tag.
  • Meta description.
  • Image.
  • Caption.

You can introduce the topic in the latter, notify some users of the publication with a mention, and use the hashtag Help others interested in a topic quickly find content on that topic …(maybe not on Facebook which is useless). Title tag and meta description are fields taken automatically but you can change them only for the social preview.

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How is all this? With dedicated WordPress fields SEO. By Yoast always going through the various debuggers once the job is done. Last but not least: the image. Always use quality photos and maybe use Canva to add useful text to introduce.

Consider reposting

There is no single opportunity to highlight your posts. You can relaunch your content even after the first publication and you can do it on several occasions. Without exaggerating.

But always with different logics that can change according to the chosen channel. For example, on Twitter, you can launch the same article twice on the same day since it is a social network with a high pace, while on the Facebook page it is better to wait a few weeks.

Maybe you can evaluate this opportunity based on the latest industry news and take the opportunity to republish the content. The same happens when you update an article you republish on social networks. The important thing is to become aware of the fact that it is not over, there is more to exploit.

Involve other users in the share

For example, if you mention a colleague, you can use social media to notify them of the mention. You can do the same if you link to a brand. A combination …: usually they are always well in favor of sharing when there is attention towards them. The mention serves to give a note of the work but not to exaggerate.

It’s best to avoid entering an @mention just to pull users into a conversation they haven’t asked for. You can work in communities by placing a link in the groups that allow it. Obviously without becoming spam or always posting the same link.

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Publish posts at the right time

Which, of course, is not always the same for everyone. I notice that there is a certain advantage in accustoming social media users to always post at the same time. But it is also true that there is a need for proof. 

At least to understand what the best situation is. I prefer to publish when my users are on the platform. So I avoid unhappy times like at night, early in the morning, or at lunch/dinner times. One of the best solutions: publish during office hours.

There are sponsored articles

We often think of having to launch sponsorships linked only to what monetizes a lot and well. Not so, you can work on this front for information content. If a blog article is doing well, you can launch a sponsored one on Facebook ADV.

I use this channel to create a message that aims to increase the number of clicks to the site. Even with a budget.

Not only do I increase visits from users who don’t know me but I make sure that more and more people see my brand and use my content to solve concrete problems. Not just to complete a purchase, that’s it. You don’t have to be there just to sell.

How do you leverage social content?

This is just one point of view – mine, personal – to achieve the goal: get the most out of my content. How to take advantage of Insurance blog articles on social networks? This is my recipe, leave your point of view in the comments of the article you just read.