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SAP Business One can be tailored to meet the requirements of both small and large enterprises. Moreover, it’s affordable too. While these facts are out there in the open, here are 12 lesser-known facts about this software that will strengthen your conviction in choosing SAP Business One for your business needs.

  1. SAP was Designed to Aid Small and Mid-scale Businesses

SAP Business One is an integrated ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, system mainly developed to support small and medium businesses. Today, many large-scale companies use this integrated ERP system to optimize their resource planning. Since the system was designed for small businesses, it is affordable and easy to implement.

  1. AWS Cloud Certification

One of the most notable features of SAP Business One is the AWS cloud certification. This resource planning software can integrate Amazon Web Services, one of the most reliable cloud service platforms. AWS cloud integration makes data management effortless, allowing businesses to scale the cloud server space as per their requirements. Nevertheless, AWS Cloud Services offers top-notch data security. It also makes collaborations on the SAP ERP system easier. Further, users working in small-size organizations can collaborate from remote locations and work on the SAP Business One software from any device.

  1. More than 50,000 Companies Trust SAP Business One

This enterprise resource planning tool is famous among various businesses worldwide. Companies from more than 150 countries use SAP Business One to plan their business resources and grow faster. Overall, more than 50,000 worldwide companies use the tool for their business management.

SAP Business One supports 27 languages; another reason why it gained popularity across the globe in such a short time. Small businesses prefer using the tools that support native languages as they mostly have native employees who speak local languages. So, language is never a barrier with SAP Business One.

  1. Businesses can Build Expansion Plans

Businesses can develop their expansion plans using this enterprise resource planning tool. Expanding a business is one of the most important goals for every business owner. Therefore, business owners need step-by-step resource planning to ensure swift and seamless business growth.

  1. SAP is Not a Conventional Accounting Tool

While accounting software deals with financial transactions, an ERP tool can manage an organization’s entire range of business functions. So, SAP Business One is not an accounting tool, though it includes features for business accounting management. Instead, this tool aims to create a centralized platform where business owners can track enterprise resources and make decisions depending on availability.

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This ERP tool integrates various business functions such as human resource management, finance, marketing, sales, logistics, customer management, and many more. As a result, a small or large enterprise can eliminate non-integrated business applications by implementing this resource planner tool.

  1. SAP Business One can Resolve Initial Business Challenges

A business faces numerous challenges in its initial stages, and this ERP software can help you eliminate those problems. For example, companies have to deal with redundant data entry, low conversion rate, poor reporting etc. An integrated enterprise resource planning can resolve such problems.

This ERP system provides a centralized repository where business owners can find all crucial information. Nevertheless, SAP ERP software eliminates human interventions in performing various business tasks. The best part is that the software brings higher business revenue by automating tasks.

  1. Elimination of Troubles in Outpacing the Current Systems

As a company’s customer base expands, the scope of its financial activities also increases. As a result, the business needs to collect data from multiple sources. Unfortunately, the present accounting management system may be inapt to handle an enormous amount of data.

In such a scenario, AWS certified SAP Business One could replace the current business system to provide better data management service to the business owners. Furthermore, since this ERP system is scalable, you can add or remove features/modules based on your organizational needs.

  1. Access to the Real-time Information

Many small-scale business owners often express their concern about the lack of access to real-time information. For example, having real-time access to business leads can boost the conversion rate, brainstorm effective strategies, help comprehend the changing customer preferences and market trends, and make better decisions.

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SAP Business One gives business owners and employees accurate real-time information that substantially helps management decisions even at times of crisis.

  1. An Advanced Inventory Management

SAP Business One gives an integrated enterprise resource planning platform that includes inventory planning, tracking, and management. The tool gives you access to real-time inventory data. Depending on the sales, you can track the number of products available in the inventory and order more products for storage.

Meticulous stock management is the key to business success as it facilitates seamless order processing. The best part is that senior business managers can access inventory data through this ERP tool on their laptops, desktops, and handheld devices.

  1. Advanced Reporting Assistances

Many businesses struggle to create valuable reports, and thus business management teams find many complications due to the lack of accurate information. The reporting system of your business can get revolutionized with an integrated ERP tool. SAP Business One is the perfect tool for this purpose as it comes with an array of options to create detailed, accurate, and quick business reports.

  1. Boost Customer Satisfaction

Nowadays, customer satisfaction has become an essential thing. Every business wants to render better experiences to buyers to boost conversion and retention rates. SAP Business One enables options to achieve better customer satisfaction. This enterprise resource planning software helps you to track and analyze customer data. As a result, you can deliver more personalized experiences to the buyers and create new up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

  1. Industry-specific Solutions

One of the most noteworthy features of SAP Business One is the industry-specific solution. The software renders end-to-end support for different industries including engineering services, manufacturing, food processing, oil and gas, hospitality management, aerospace, and more.

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So, these are some essential facts and features that every business should learn about SAP Business One before integrating the ERP software into their companies.

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