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Your feet and your ankles bear the weight of your body. They are the most used parts of your body and have the maximum strength to support your structure. When you experience any pain in your ankle or feet, it becomes challenging to decide which medical expert you should consult. On one side, you can choose to seek orthopedic treatment, and on the other, you can depend on podiatry in Sydney.

Both orthopedists and podiatrists are qualified health care professionals and have their respective roles in the healthcare industry. But often, people get confused about who to choose when it comes to their health conditions. In Sydney, you would come across both orthopedists and podiatrists. But you need to understand the difference between what treatments these individuals offer. And where you need to go for the treatment depending on your health condition.

This article has a simple breakdown of the responsibilities, treatments, and fundamentals that orthopedic and podiatry health experts follow.

Who is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is not a medical doctor. Their education is done explicitly at a podiatry education centre for almost four years. At medical school, they are taught to understand the disorders of the ankle and the foot. A podiatry expert in Australia or anywhere else in the world is trained to focus on the foot and ankle problems that arise from a sports injury, diabetes, aging, structural disorders, or an accident. Most residents in Sydney are involved in sports activities, and therefore, many people suffer from ankle and foot injuries pretty often. While some need medical surgery, others need some podiatry care to fix the damage.

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Suppose you have been dealing with problems like ingrown nails, heel spurs, foot injury, calluses, or any other issue that is limited to your ankle and foot. In that case, you must see a podiatrist immediately.

How is an orthopedist different from a podiatrist?

An orthopedic surgeon or orthopedist is a medical health professional. Their scope of treatment is a lot more than the ankle and the feet. The orthopedic surgeon has studied a lot more about the human body than a podiatrist. If you have an ankle injury, they might discover more problems associated with it in your body and treat the source that is causing the problem. But sometimes, the damage or pain is limited to the ankle, and patients end up spending money on several tests suggested by the orthopedist.

Therefore, the best way to deal with a foot injury or an ankle problem is to visit a podiatrist to seek their advice. And if they suggest that the damage is severe and need further treatment from an orthopedic surgeon, then you must go for it.

What facilities a center of podiatry in Sydney can offer?

At the best podiatry centres in Sydney, you would find a majority of treatments that include the following.

  1. Biomechanical assessment
  2. Ingrown toenail removal
  3. Shock wave therapy
  4. Laser treatment for fungal nail infection
  5. Piriformis Syndrome Treatment
  6. Lower back treatment
  7. Treatment for sports injuries and many others.

The Australian Podiatry Association is one of the largest and oldest organizations to keep track of podiatrists in the country. They will help you find a trusted podiatrist near you in different cities of the country. So, if you reside in Sydney and want to see a podiatrist for your health problems, you can find trusted podiatry experts on these platforms and seek their help.