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In any restaurant or other commercial eatery, it is essential to install a grease trap and grease trap cleaning in Dublin at regular intervals. While many owners install grease traps, they only do it for the sake of it. They do not think of finding out how much it contributes towards the business.

Here, we will be talking about 5 must-knows about commercial grease traps that all restaurant owners should keep in their minds. Each of these is essential for avoiding future issues of business and as well as hygiene and natural environment.

  1. Understanding Grease Traps:

A grease trap is a device that is installed in order to capture all the FOG (fats, oils, grease) before they get into the drainage system. There are two kinds of grease traps: the smaller interior ones are installed in the kitchen near the sink to capture smaller amounts of FOG. The bigger regular exterior grease traps are installed underground holding thousands of gallons of FOG. When full, grease trap services are opted for, for their cleaning.

  1. Routine Grease Trap Cleaning:

Based on the size of your commercial grease trap, you need to opt for routine grease trap cleaning. There are other considerations too like the amount of food cooked per day, the method of cooking, the capacity of the trap, and the business itself. The most important reason for routine grease trap cleaning is that it allows the trap to work properly for a longer period of time. And not doing so will lead to high-cost repair issues. Regular cleaning reduces the chances of the spread of bad odor too which, if not taken care of, can have a negative effect on your customers. Opting for a professional grease trap agency will help you avoid such issues before they turn huge.

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Grease trap cleaning

  1. Grease Trap Cleaning Frequency:

If you are wondering when to clean your grease trap, there is a rule. It is called the 1/4th rule. According to it, when the amount of FOG in your grease trap reaches 25%, you should have it cleaned. The time taken to reach this level varies according to the size of the grease trap. While many grease traps require one to three months (the most common being once in 3 months i.e., 4 times a year), smaller ones may need to be cleaned once every week. Contacting a professional grease trap agency will let you know the right frequency for your grease trap cleaning.


  1. Consequences of Not Having Routine Grease Trap Cleaning:

Not having routine grease trap cleaning can harm your business big time. Other than spreading foul odor in your restaurant t surrounding, FOG (which hardens with time) may make it tough to be removed and thus take time in the cleaning process. FOG and food debris in your pipes can lead to clogging and drainage issues and overflows. This overflowing liquid can lead to waterways which have high chances of contamination. So, in order to avoid all this, it is necessary for you to opt for grease trap cleaning and maintenance from a professional grease trap agency.

Maintaining your commercial grease trap is essential for your business. If you are looking for ways of how to clean a grease trap, it is suggested to contact an agency of trap cleaning in Dublin. They have experts who are highly trained in handling grease traps. They also have modern equipment suitable for the need. Moreover, another very important thing that they bring with them is sustainable waste disposal. This ensures that your neighborhood environment remains hygienic while your grease trap gets cleaned. So, for efficient grease trap cleaning, contact a grease trap agency today.

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