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During the pandemic, most of us wash our hands and sanitize frequently touched surfaces in our home on a regular basis. However, one area of the home often overlooked is the floor. While it might seem the floors don’t require special attention since no one touches them, there are many reasons to be paying special attention to floor cleaning. All types of flooring help track dirt and contaminants through the house.

Although it might seem the dirt settles on the floor or carpet, it actually gets stirred as we walk. This releases tiny particles into the air which we breathe in. Carpeting tends to do a better job at holding the dirt in, which means hard surfaces such as wood floors are worse. To help keep you safe, you can use the latest tips and hacks for cleaning your floors during the pandemic.

1. Use Doormats

Not every home has a doormat, especially in the warmer months. However, having a doormat and asking everyone to wipe their feet can reduce the number of germs they bring into the house. You should also vacuum your doormats frequently so that people aren’t bringing in more dirt off the mat into the home. Don’t shake them, as this will release the contaminants into the air.

2. Vacuum Frequently

In the most travelled areas of the home, be sure to vacuum often. This would include hallways, especially near entries, as well as stairs. Doing this daily is ideal.

3. Add Hallway Runners

Hallway runners on hardwood and tile surfaces help contain dirt particles that can get into the air. Be sure to vacuum them frequently.

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4. Appropriate Cleaners

Make sure you are using the appropriate cleaners for your flooring. Each type of flooring uses different cleaners to avoid damage. However, some surfaces tend to hold cleaner residue which can cause germs and particles to cling to the floor. People walking barefoot through the home can then traipse through the residue which can then be touched by themselves and others in the home.

5. Professionally Steam Clean Carpets

Consider having professional carpet cleaning using hot water extraction at least once during the pandemic to extract all the germs and particles in your floors. Depending on how long the pandemic lasts, you can do this every 4 months or so. This is the best way to completely sanitize your carpets.

6. Send Area Rugs Out for Cleaning

A sanitizing rug cleaning service can take your area rugs to be steam cleaned to remove germs and particles. Many offer onsite service as well, using hot water extraction or steam. This completely sanitizes your carpets. This is ideal for carpets in high traffic, high use areas of the home.

7. Use a Strip Mop on Wood Floors Daily

To remove possible contaminants from your wood floors vacuum daily or use a wood floor microfiber strip mop/broom to remove dust and particles daily. Avoid using wet mops daily as the water can get caught between the slats and natural crevices of the wood which can lead to damage over time.

8. Vinegar to Sanitize Vinyl and Laminate

Although most guidelines are advising bleach solutions for hard surfaces, you don’t want to use this harsh chemical on your vinyl and laminate floors. Other harsh chemicals are found in the recommended disinfectants, so your best bet is to use a natural disinfectant that will kill germs but not damage the surface of your floors. Your best bet is using a mix of one gallon of warm water and one cup of white vinegar with a clean, soft mop.

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9. Use a Hardwood Friendly Disinfectant Cleaner

Most cleaning products not specifically made for hardwood floors can cause damage over time. However, even natural solutions such as diluted vinegar can eat away at your wood floor’s surface. According to Lysol, you can use Lysol® Clean & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner to disinfect wood floors. While they do say it can be used at full-strength, you should use their diluted mix of 1 oz of Lysol to 5 oz of warm water in a bucket. Pre-clean your floors with a microfiber mop and then use a soft mop with the solution to clean the floors. Be sure you wring the mop out completely, so it isn’t too wet.

Apply the cleaner and allow it to sit for no more than 6 minutes then wipe it away with a clean mop. Make sure floors are thoroughly dry as any remaining water can cause damage. The best way to complete larger rooms is to work in sections so you can remove the solution quickly.

10. Don’t ShakeOut Carpets

As mentioned with your doormats, shaking any carpet can release dangerous contaminants into the air. Always use a vacuum to help contain particles. These floor cleaning and carpet cleaning tips will help keep your floors sanitized during the pandemic.

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