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It is common to buy gifts for anniversaries; this gift becomes a little souvenir of the golden time that the couples spend together. Thus, reminding them of their journey together. While people buy anniversary flowers, gifts and cakes; it would be more interesting to know about special flowers that are meant to be offered on the special occasion of the anniversary. You must have heard about special blooms that are associated with birth months; thus, being popular as the birth flower. Likewise, we have special flowers for the anniversary as well. So if you are about to celebrate your lifelong bond and commitment with your partner; you must check our list of special anniversary flowers to be offered to your soulmate for thanking them for being with you throughout the journey of your life and conveying a lot many emotions to them. 

1st anniversary – Carnation is perfect for the love birds who have started building their love nest; they can be offered for conveying loyalty. 

2nd anniversary –  lily of the valley can be offered to celebrate your 2nd anniversary and thank your partner for being so devoted to the relationship. 

3rd anniversary- sunflowers can be offered to display warmth to your partner and bless your relation with lots of happiness. 

4th anniversary- hydrangeas can be a nice way to extend your gratitude towards your partner on your 4th year of togetherness. 

5th anniversary- Daisies can be a nice way to celebrate the milestone of spending five years with your partner; you can easily get them through an online flower delivery in chennai at your place. 

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6th anniversary- calla lily can be the perfect representation of the love between you and your partner; they convey your wish to stay together. 

7th anniversary- freesia can be a lovely surprise for your 7th anniversary; they can be offered for celebrating the trust in your relationship. 

8th anniversary-lilac can be offered on your 8th anniversary to convey to your partner that they provide you peace and happiness in your life. 

9th anniversary- birds of Paradise can be offered to celebrate the magnificence of a relationship, they can be offered to your partner to say that they are a source of joy to you. 

10th anniversary- Daffodils can be ideal for celebrating your 10th anniversary; these bright yellow blooms will surely put a broad smile on your partner’s face. 

11th anniversary- Tulips denote elegance, royalty, passion, cheerfulness and many more positive emotions. Therefore they can be a blissful offering for the 11th anniversary. 

12th anniversary- peony can be offered for thanking your partner to bring in lots of prosperity, happiness and good fortune in your life. 

13th anniversary- Chrysanthemum can be offered as a symbol of gratitude with joy, love and happiness on your 13th anniversary. You can choose any shade of the flower as it blooms in a variety of colours. 

14th anniversary-Dahlia can be given to a partner for thanking them to be so kind to you and ignoring your shortcomings and giving you lots of love and strength. 

15th anniversary- roses are ideal for celebrating love. You can order a Red Roses bouquet online on your 15th anniversary and celebrate your love along with these lovely blooms. 

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20th anniversary- Aster can be given to a partner to convey that you are thankful for the 20 years of faithfulness that you spent along with your partner. 

25th anniversary- Iris can be given on the 25th anniversary for celebrating your long-lasting Bond with your partner. 

30th anniversary- Lily can be offered to convey the passion and strong love despite spending so many years together. 

40th anniversary- gladiolus can be given for taking a walk through the special moments that you spent thus being a mark of remembrance. 

50th anniversary- yellow Roses and violets

Can be offered for the friendship and the special bond that exists between you two due to the amount of time you spend together. 

You can get all of your favourite flowers with a single click on your mobile screen and you can show some extra love to your partner by surprising them through an online flower delivery in gurgaon their house and making them more special on your anniversary.

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