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Considering the fact that, majority of the young generation of different religions prefer doing marriage as per ‘Arya Samaj’ that follows sacred Hindu tradition and rituals, we’ve today come out with this blog that focuses on the entire process of how the married couple can register their marriage online and along with that, also on the concept of ‘Arya Samaj Marriages’ for those who’re planning to go for it! So, let’s begin—

‘Steps to Execute for Registering Arya Samaj Marriage Online’

  • First and foremost, begin the online Arya Samaj marriage registration process for instance in Delhi, navigate from your browser to ‘State Stamps and Registration website.’
  • Once you reach the website, look for the marriage registration form, and download the same from there.
  • After the download finishes, open the downloaded form to input all the required information to the same such as your personal as well as your marriage details.
  • Now, once you’re done entering the asked details, move on duly sign the form and also ask the eye-witnesses of your marriage to do the same.
  • In continuation, you also have to paste one of the photographs of your marriage simply as the marriage proof.
  • And, you’re done! Now, all you have to do is submit your filled marriage registration form in the office of the ‘Registrar of Marriage’ to that particular ‘Marriage Officer’ under whose jurisdiction your Arya Samaj marriage was solemnized and not to forget along with the ‘Arya Samaj Marriage Fees’ and the following additional documents—
      • Arya Samaj Mandir Marriage Certificate
      • Aadhar Card 
      • 10th Class Certificate
      • Eyewitnesses ID Proofs &
      • Passport Size Photographs (at least 4-4) of both the Bride and Groom.
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So, all those couples who’ve recently married as per Arya Samaj’ tradition and rituals can register their marriage by performing the steps of the aforementioned online marriage registration process of the ‘Arya Samaj Marriages.’ And, all those, who’re still in the phase of planning for an ‘Arya Samaj Marriage’, can read this blog further to enlighten themselves thoroughly about the concept of the same:

Arya Samaj Marriage in India is governed by the ‘Hindu Marriage Act of 1957’along with the provision of ‘Special Marriage Act of 1954 and Arya Samaj Marriage Validation Act of 1937’ that avoid considering the ill-factors that prevails in the society for instance, “Caste, creed, race, and religion.” To be precise, Arya Samaj Marriage is an open marriage solution for each and every person irrespective of considering each other’s caste, sex, race, or religion.

Thus, to solemnize marriage as per Arya Samaj, the only eligibility criterion that needs to be fulfilled by the couples is that, the bride and groom age at the time of marriage should be 18 and 21 years old respectively.

So, based on the same, if a couple is eligible for an Arya Samaj Marriage, they have to individually collect the following ‘Arya Samaj Marriage’ documents before the marriage—

  • The Age-proof document.
  • The Address Proof document.
  • 7-7 Passport size photographs.
  • Total of 2 or 3 eye-witnesses with all having their 1-1 passport size photograph and their identity as well as address proof documents.
  • An affidavit for stating the “Present Marital status, Nationality, and Citizenship.”
  • Another affidavit stating that the couple is not related to each other within the degree of any prohibited relationship.
  • A Divorce Decree copy if either of the couples is divorced.
  • A Death Certificate copy if either from the couple is widow or widower.
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Once these documents are collected, the couple is all set to book an appointment at an ‘Arya Samaj Mandir’ to go for solemnizing the Arya Samaj Marriage. And, after marrying, the couple can collect their respective Arya Samaj Mandir Marriage Certificate from the same Arya Samaj Mandir and then, move on to register the Arya Samaj marriage by following the above-mentioned Arya Samaj Marriage Registration Process.’

That’s all! This is all about the ‘Arya Samaj Marriages and how you can register your Arya Samaj Marriage in Delhi under, “the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955” or under “the Special Marriage Act, 1954” to get your marriage certificate for offering the same a ‘legal status’ in the eye of the law.

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