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Portuguese, the native language of Portugal and Brazil, happens to be one of the most popular languages, followed by English. Spread across five different continents, Portuguese has the highest reach and growth potential among international languages in regions like South Africa and South America. Over 215 million people converse in Portuguese, so localizing and translating content creates several new business opportunities. 

The rapid growth of online food delivery platforms, due to their convenience, has opened up several new opportunities for local players. Moreover, the food delivery industry is going through rapid change, as the online platforms are expanding to capture new markets and customers across different continents. The industry is all set to reach an approximate value of $1 billion in the next few years. At such times, localization and translation are equally important in understanding market dynamics, customer behavior, and growth potential to sustain this competitive market. Portuguese translators play a vital role in the success of food delivery services entering into foreign markets.

The global expansion of the food delivery industry

Globally, the food delivery industry is valued at $83 billion. Out of which, a significant portion comes from fast-food chains and restaurants. With the current pace, the market will witness an estimated growth of about 3.5% in the coming years. The most common type of delivery is the traditional model, where the consumer places an order with a local eatery, and the food is delivered at the doorstep. This method accounts for more than 90% of the market share. More importantly, a large chunk of these orders is received over the phone with customers speaking in their local languages. 

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However, the rise of digital technology is gradually disappearing into the market. Consumers already familiar with the transparency and convenience of e-commerce platforms are looking for a similar experience while ordering food. Businesses looking forward to expanding into new markets should also focus on localization and translation of their content to reach the target audience. Reputable Portuguese translation services have a dedicated linguistics team comprising native translators to understand contextual and linguistic differences.

Food delivery businesses interested in localizing their services and content as per the Brazilian market’s preference should consider hiring a reliable translation service. According to recent market studies, China and Brazil top the most emerging market in multiple aspects. These nations are known for offering considerable work opportunities with significant growth. Portuguese happens to be the official language of Brazil and parts of China. For any business venturing into a new market is not an easy task. Having the support of our trusted translation service is vital to reach out to the local consumer base.

Benefits of outsourcing Portuguese translation services

There are multiple benefits to outsourcing translation services like accessibility, professionalism, affordability, and accuracy. Outsourcing translation services is a lot more economical in comparison to developing an in-house team. Moreover, hiring involves a cumbersome process that requires a considerable amount of time and investment. Professional translation service providers have the necessary experience and knowledge that help businesses to grow in foreign markets. Another essential element is the predominance of legal documentation and business-related certifications. Unprofessional translators significantly affect the sustainability and success of the food delivery business in foreign markets.

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Food delivery businesses will create new opportunities for small eateries and restaurants to extend their foreign markets presence. Besides, incorporating new delivery models will eliminate aggregators’ presence in the chain and make the process even more transparent. It will also encourage traditional restaurants to outsource logistics support at economical prices.

The demand and growth of food delivery services depend entirely upon customer demands. Food delivery services allowed the average consumer to experience quality food at the comfort of their home. It also became an apt substitution of the meals consumed and prepared in the house.

Understanding the customer needs

Customers from different walks of life are drawn to food delivery platforms, each with different expectations and needs. Translation services come into play in such cases as they allow the business to understand the target consumer base’s target taste and requirements. 

Modern-day delivery platforms focus on offering a personalized ordering experience keeping track of customer preferences. If the contents and services are not available in the native language, then a business is likely to lose a fair chunk of their valuable customers. According to a survey, more than 80% of the customers on an online platform choose to engage with a language of their preference. 

More than 85% of the orders come from homes where it is expected to have consumers of all age groups speaking in native languages.

Portuguese is the highest growing language across European Nations spoken by millions. It is also the most translated language creating the use of growth potential for all kinds of businesses. Portuguese translating services serve as the backbone of multiple companies as they expand into new countries worldwide.