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Simon Parkes is a British nationality-based politician and lawmaker. At present, Simon Parkes is also known as a UFO enthusiast, urban researcher, and conspiracy theorist. Simon Parkes ran for the office of Member of Parliament for the constituency of Whitby and Holderness, the political seat of his home town of Whitby, North Yorkshire, England. Simon Parkes YouTube today – He is one of the youngest video makers in YouTube today. What makes Simon Parkes followers and friends attracted to him is his belief and theories that takes a lot of the people around him in the world to believe and trust in the existence of life in space and extraterrestrial existence. YouTube Simon Parkes Channel has almost 650k+ subscribers. He has released many content in his YouTube channel.

On Which Topics He Talk About on His YouTube Channel?

Simon Parkes has a lot to say about his own and many others life in space and the presence of alien species. His usual occupation, while he was still a Parliamentarian, was politics. He speaks much on conspiracy theories. He believed that conspiracy theories exist and that their importance are higher than we have knowledge. Simon Parkes voice about the topics include science, religion, politics, and scientific discoveries. Simonparkes.org is Simon’s personal blog website. He has been a speaker at conferences and seminars not just all over the world but also on his YouTube channel due to wide audience and followers who like him. YouTube Simon Parkes talks about everything like conspiracy theories, psychology, and end of the world.

He has hundreds of videos on his Simon Parks YouTube Today Channel and each of them has more than thousands of views. Simon Parkes YouTube today channel is also useful because you can easily see what Simon Parkes opinion are about, because you can view the video from top to bottom. Simon Parkes has written hundreds of thought-provoking and interesting videos where he says things that are extremely enlightening. You are also free to leave your comments to support or hate Simon Parkes. This Simon Parkes YouTube channel is certainly worth your time.

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Is Simon Parks’ YouTube Video Theme being Different?

He is researcher of conspiracy theories who goes deep to find out things that are hidden. The themes he discusses on his Simon Parkes YouTube today channel include UFO Contact, conspiracy, religion, and politics. He even discusses the politics of the secret societies. He also discusses the secret space program. This UFO conspiracy theory researcher has appeared on numerous radio shows and media channels. In addition, he has been interviewed by investigative journalists and discussed with many prominent sources of information on topics such as extraterrestrial life and the existence of government activities, whether they are secret or open.

We found Simon Parkes extremely talented. He is talented enough to reach thousands of viewers and subscribers of his YouTube channel every week. Simon Parkes is now taking YouTube by storm by having an extensive and diverse Internet presence. All these things shows that he is not an entertainer but he has chosen his different and unique niche to follow while creating YouTube Simpon Parkes videos. The theme of his videos is life and the UFOs. He combines these elements with his impressive mastery of speaking and videos about the conspiracy theories.

Are Simon Parkes videos more reliable than google?

In general, we think the answer to this question is no. The public is searching YouTube nowadays. Most of the time, you can get one video on one topic. That is not Simon Parkes! Simon Parkes has many different contents on Simon Parkes YouTube today channel, which is useful for you, unless you want to go through them all. Simon Parkes YouTube channel does not contain only videos which you are ready to watch and find interesting. It also contains full transcripts and other videos you can choose from. You can easily find more videos by yourself and search for the topics which you want to know.

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Reading the published research papers is a fast way to learn something new, and reading the more recent research papers, or read an article on google about the same topic is not as fast. In the world of science, sometimes you need to find or go through a lot of research papers. Having good sources of information that are in the public domain, such as Wikipedia, or old science papers, can be a great way to learn about something without the research papers or search engines. Most of these types of resources are in the public domain, which means that they are free for anyone to read or study for free.

Simon Parkes has an above average knowledge in physics, astronomy, archeology, history and Arche acoustics, psychology, and has a vast collection of videos and speeches on his YouTube channel. Simon Parkes’s YouTube channel caters to many different types of audience, with many viewers and followers who admire him. His channel contains videos on a variety of topics including: aliens, conspiracies, military, religion, politics, space, archeology, and many others. The YouTube Simon Parkes channel is unique and interesting. It contains many videos about UFO information, alien abduction, government conspiracies, conspiracies about the government, and many others. He goes on to discuss subjects that many people are not sure of.

Simon Parkes YouTube today often talks about secret societies, secret and covert operations, secret sources of information, conspiracies about the environment, and many more. He talks about aliens and UFOs as well as who or what is responsible for the phenomena. He talks about how the human race has a chance of contacting or communicating with aliens. He speaks about the existence of extraterrestrial life as well as the likelihood of beings, possibly extraterrestrial beings, visiting or interacting with the human race. He speaks about consciousness. What is it and why do we have it?

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What do you think of Simon Parkes YouTube today? Are you upset, or are you impressed? Tell us in the comments section below!

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