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Last year, we all know it was full of roller coaster ride, which we were not ready for. We all never thought it would be causing this much problem worldwide. The pandemic affects us physically mentally in both ways. That time was not easy for everyone. Government has tried their best for our protection. Initially days there was a lack of some. protective equipment like N95 Masks. It was not easy to find the respirator masks in initial days; even it is difficult to provide N95 mask to medical staff like nurses and other people working with covid patients.

Many suppliers start selling spurious N95 mask, all masks are mixed with the other mask coming from different countries, and it was not easy to identify the real or original masks.

So there are so many questions people have. Which mask to wear? How to identify the real or fake mask? How effective is it is?

Why Non-Medical Workers Need The N95 masks?

N95 Mask

People who already have any disease or any other disability are more prone to cause the disease. So, the N95 mask is most important for the people who have a respiratory illness like asthma and others: breathing issues, allergies and many other diseases.

It is compulsory to wear an N95 mask for these people with chronic disease whenever they are stepping out. Ordinary healthy people can ignore wearing N95 masks because they can wear either surgical masks or cloth masks. The choice is there.

Signs Your N95 Mask Is Real :

  • The N95 masks are Protective masks that are approved by NIOSH( The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health )
  • The N95 mask has a headband that provides more protection as it is tightly-packed compared to ear loops.
  • All NIOSH approved mask have their labelling and instruction to use and numbers too.
  • If you are still not sure, you can check the Centre of Disease Control Preventionlist of masks.
  • Real masks are available in neutral colours, not decorative as fabric masks.
  • Still, you want to identify the mask you are using is real or not to do some home training.
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Here are three tests that recognize the real or fake masks –

  • Blow Flames: Take a candle or spirit lamp, wear your mask, then blow it. If you can blow the candle or flame of a spirit lamp, your mask is not real; it is a spurious mask.


  • Holding Water: Take a bowl of water, put in the slap near the washbasin pour water into the mask. If it does not leak the water, then your mask is real, and if it does, then it is a counterfeit.


  • Block Exhalation: Put some spoiled food, wear your mask, then try to smell. If you can smell it properly, then your mask is spurious. and if you can not smell it properly, then it is not a counterfeit mask.

Signs Your N95 Mask Is Counterfeit :

N95 Mask

  • A Spurious mask does not contain any marketing in their face masks like the NIOSH mark or any TC unique number on the mask.
  • If there is a number, but with a different manufacture name, you can check the NIOSH, CDC, FDA and many other government sites. Have a ranking and listing of mask number and their order with the name of the manufacturer.
  • NIOSH mask has ear loops rather than head straps.
  • The spelling of NIOSH is misspelt.
  • It consists of FDA ( Food Drug and Administrative) Logo on the mask. But FDA never said to put their logo in products.
  • Mask will say that NIOSH approves it is wearing for childrens but in actual NIOSH never approves masks for childrens.

Conclusion :

We all spent our times researching about the mask which masks to wear. We were confused about why medical staffs dont have sufficient masks available for them and other protective equipment pieces. It is not about the number of masks available it is about counterfeit mask present in the market, which confuses people to purchase.

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Hospitals don’t have enough amount if material because they don’t want to wate mobey in the spurious masks, which is not that affected as the original. It is mandatory for medical and health care professional to wear original N95 masks, which gives 95% protection from the aerosol present in the environment. It is also a snug fit which increases its effect more than usual. and it makes it unique from other masks. The government tested many times N95, but it always proves its effectiveness. FDA approves another mask, too, but not for medical use. Only The N95 mask is perfect for medical purpose. Wearing Fake N95 does not affect you as the original N95 will do. Always check all details before buying a mask.

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