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The desire to change looks and experiment with styles is in the nature of women. It is boring to have the same hairstyle for years; we also strive for low maintenance hairstyles as we age. Short hairstyles are stylish and edgy, and here are short haircut styles for female to prove that.

  • Blonde pixie cut

Blonde pixie cut

Short haircut styles for girls

Pixie cuts are a popular choice for women, thanks to their mix of ease and playful style.  Layers add texture and dimension to the classic cut and keep you looking youthful.

  • Bouncy Bob

Bouncy Bob

A short layered haircut style for ladies

An expert layered cut is a perfect way to create shape within short haircuts for women. If you have straight hair, flip out the ends of your hair with a curling iron for a fuller look.

  • Short layered cut

Short layered cut

This short hair design is sassy and shows that style comes first

Short hair cutting style are the right choice when you are looking for something low maintenance. With short layers on top and longer layers on the bottom, it adds shape and volume to your style. The short hair cut style is sassy and shows that style comes first.

  • layered platinum bob

layered platinum bob

New hair design for a head turning look

Who says a bob always has to be blunt? A layered bob is trending in the fashion and beauty industry at the moment. This sassy and chic hairstyle creates movement and looks great on any face shape or hair texture.

  • Rounded Bob with a stacked nape

Rounded Bob with a stacked nape

Rounded bobs are full of elegance and sophistication

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Rounded bobs are a classic choice for women of any age. They are full of grace and sophistication. It shows off your shoulders and looks flawless with straight hair.

  • Pixie with long side bangs

Pixie with long side bangs

Pixie cut with long side bangs is one of the most popular hair designs for ladies

Pixie cut with long side bangs is one of the most popular short hair cutting styles for females. It adds incredible texture and a tousled finish to your thin hair. Add long side bangs to your pixie for a fun, youthful, and low maintenance style. 

  • long curly pixie

long curly pixie

Pixies are excellent short haircuts for curly hair

Pixies are ideal short haircuts for curly hair because they are low maintenance and let you embrace your natural hair texture. Enhance this youthful style by leaving a longer face-framing strand on your forehead.

  • Short voluminous feathered hairstyle

Short voluminous feathered hairstyle

Feathered hairstyles add softness and dimension to your hair

Feathered hairstyles add softness and dimension to your short locks. Apply smoothing cream to your hair, and you are good to go for the rest of the day.

  • Wispy silver bob

Wispy silver bob

Express your personality with this wispy silver bob

Make your bob unique and express your style with this wispy silver bob. Cut your hair at an angle for some drama. Then, add loose, tousles waves to enhance the volume. Accentuate your beautiful hair with highlights that bring more depth to the cut.

  • Short layered curly hairstyle

Short layered curly hairstyle

This short layered curly hairstyle is one of the prettiest hair designs for ladies

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This short layered curly hair is one of the most stunning hairstyles for women; it is excellent for naturally curly hair. It is feminine, chic, and looks fantastic with any color.

  • Edgy pixie bob

Edgy pixie bob

Bob hairstyles are always in style

Good bob hair cut style are always in style. It blends the classy look with an edgy pixie cut and results in an incredibly chic hair cut style.

  • One length balayage bob with bangs

One length balayage bob with bangs

Nothing looks more adorable than this one length bob

Nothing looks more attractive than this one length bob. The layers create a lovely shape to your cut. You can straighten, curl, or style your bob into different styles to achieve the look you want. A balayage highlight will make the class completely fresh and modern.

  • Short bob with long v-cut layers

Short bob with long v-cut layers

Short bob with long v-cut layers for an elegant and sophisticated look

For a sleek and sophisticated look, choose a short bob with long v-cut layers. Ask your hairdresser for long v-cut layers to add texture and body.

  • Jaw-length bob with layers

Jaw-length bob with layers

A jaw-length cut is a more versatile hair design for ladies

A jaw-length cut is more versatile than an average bob; it allows endless hair styling options. It looks best when left natural; however, you can always curl the front pieces for special occasions.

  • Asymmetrical pixie cut

Asymmetrical pixie cut

An asymmetrical cut is a head-turning style

Want to transform a simple pixie into a head-turning style? Choose an Asymmetrical cut. It adds drama and an elegant twist to your hair cut style. It is a great way to show off your cheekbones. 

  • Choppy pixie with a tapered nape

Choppy pixie with a tapered nape

Choppy pixie with a tapered nape for a bold, stylish, and modern look

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For a bold, stylish, and trendy look, ask your hairstylist for a choppy pixie with a tapered nape. It is one of the shortest haircuts for women. The taper shortens the length of your hair from the crown of your head to the nape of your neck.

  • Cropped pixie with swoopy bangs

Cropped pixie with swoopy bangs

A classic pixie hairstyle is timeless and always looks good

A classic pixie hair cut style is timeless and always looks good. Cut yours to suit your facial features and your personality. The long side-swept bangs emphasize your beautiful eyes and amazing cheekbones.

  • Orange bob with highlights

Orange bob with highlights

A bob cut is elegant and classy

A bob cut is elegant and refined. It’s a good solution for the transition from long hair to shorter hairstyles that is not extremely short. Pair it with bangs and add highlights for a fresh and modern look.

We hope these fantastic short haircut styles for females have left you feeling inspired for your next haircut.  Short haircuts are very versatile and can keep you young-looking forever. So, choose the best short hairstyles for your next head-turning look.

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