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Technology keeps evolving with time and bringing new changes for the user’s in mobile phones. Today’s mobile phone users have access to every single piece of information needs at the touch of their finger. Dependency on Mobile phones has increased with time even for buying groceries nearby users search first on their mobile.

App development is the way by which demands that arising for users in the mobile phone can be fulfilled. Deciding on roping the best one of the talents in developing a platform is the budget-oriented approach. device functionality, development skills of the team, budget allocation, data security are the main points of mobile development applications that need to be considered.

Types of Mobile Application Development Technology

1.What Is Cross-Platform / HYBRID MOBILE?

Cross-platform is also referred to as hybrid mobile because it contains half features of native and half of web. Hybrid apps are the apps in web content development prepared on an app development platform. When the web language is chosen for coding is the same as iOS or android provide native platform features on easy access.

When to use a cross-app?

  • Cross-platform initiation

Hybrid apps can be ported to multiple platforms. When the app is planned to develop for multiple gadgets Cross-platform is used.

  • Avoidance of coding hassle

Time and money are saved by recoding the fundamentals of a hybrid app.  

  • Technical expertise is narrowed

Developing the app on cross-platform does not require many resources with a specific programming requirement.

  • App development on a budget

With limited funds, hybrid mobile is the best option as the process involves writing native content and wrapped up with the existing layer using third-party libraries. 

  • Revenue benefits

when the app is developed on a native platform it will generate more revenue. And with hybrid features, it allows in-app purchases, in-app advertising.

  • Easy Integration

backend integration is not a big issue in a hybrid app as it doesn’t require a built-in API. Sometimes the situation happens when the cost of producing API is more than the actual cost of an app.

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Advantages of using cross-platform

  • Development cost is lessened with access to cross-platform development.
  • Maintenance and development are easy tasks.
  • The developer also has the option to charge money when the app is downloaded as it offers a monetization solution.
  • Apps developed on cross-platform are made to run even on offline mode and have access to maximum device function.
  • There is not any difficulty in hiring web developers due to their availability. Availability of developers reduces the development cost.
  1. What Is a Native platform?

Native mobile apps are developed only for a precise platform like iOS, android, windows. Different programming language for a specific platform is used for instance java for android, objective C or Swift for iOS.

When to use a native app?

  • App for gaming 

Native development requires the best experience and performance for users with the user interface. When the developer develops game code for the different specific platforms then the performance will be finest.

  • Device features will be properly optimized 

complete utilization of device features like camera, Bluetooth, GPS with the operating system of a native app.

  • App monetization is easy 

revenue can be easily generated by selling the app. Charging users for downloading the app is easy as the app store offers a monetization solution.


Advantages of using native app platform

  • A native app is more personal and interactive for users.
  • User gestures, swipes and pinches are more responsive with a native app.
  • Offline mode is also accessed by users in a native app.
  • The monetization benefit is generated with a native app.
  • Built-in components cam, GPS is easily accessed with a native app.
  • The quick function of the native app improves the experience of the user.

Top Frameworks for app development

  1. React Native

React Native is a cross-platform framework developed by the Facebook community and it is based on JavaScript technology. With unique JavaScript and react technology developers can develop an app that feels and looks like a native app but it is a cross-platform mobile application on a single code.

  1. Flutter

Flutter is a modern and reactive framework. Dart programming language is used and it is very easy. Development in flutter is fast and the user interface is beautiful and fluid. The same user interface is used for multiple platforms.

  1. Xamarin

Apps built using Xamarin contain standard, native user interface controls. Apps built using Xamarin leverage platform-specific hardware acceleration, and are compiled for native performance.

  1. Node.js

Node.js is a server-side cross-platform built on google chrome’s JavaScript engine. The development of web applications is easy with node.js and also provides a library of various JavaScript modules.

  1. Ionic

Ionic is an open-source mobile user interface toolkit for building high quality with cross-platform native web experience. It works with a single code base with JavaScript on the web.

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Popular Tools for Developing iOS & Android Mobile Apps

Popular Tools for developing iOS Mobile Apps

  1. XCode

XCode is a new way to design an app with a swift new innovative programming language created by apple. Xcode provides everything developers need for creating an app for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Workflow is unified with XCode for user interface design, coding, testing, and debugging.

  1. RxSwift

RxSwift is a monstrous programming library that allows developers to program and codes dynamic iOS applications that effortlessly connect with information, react to the information.

  1. Applyzer

The iOS device is utilized for observing application rankings on the iTunes store. How well the application ranking position of iTunes is checked After creating an applyzer account and appending an application id with it.

  1. Dash

Dash is a significant module and code, bit administrator. Dash will give more than 150 disconnected reports, the same as API documentation chief.

  1. AppCode

AppCode is utilized to create an app for all Apple items. AppCode makes and examination of coding simple and complication-free. The apparatus will also help feature distinctive coding mistakes.

Popular Tools for developing Android Mobile Apps

  1. Android Studio

Android Studio is a development app and it ensures the creation of an android application for the windows system. Android studio provides installation with various development tools 5with a virtual android environment that can match with android applications.

  1. IntelliJ IDEA

It is extremely fast and designed for ultimate programmer productivity. IntelliJ IDEA offers the full set of development tools for $149 per year which is expensive. Charges are completely free for students.

  1. Instabug

Instabug is used by popular high tech world including yahoo, PayPal, BuzzFeed, mashable. Screenshots can be shared for solving detailed errors and logs with developers during the debugging and QA process.

  1. Unity 3D

It’s cross-platform game development. Unity 3D is used for creating complicated, graphic-intensive mobile games. 2D-based game experience can also be created by using unity 3D.

  1. Visual Studio with Xamarin

Visual Studio with Xamarin, an integrated development environment by Microsoft. Tools for development are available for free. For creating native Windows, Android, and iOS applications different programming language is combined with Xamarin.

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Wrapping Up

Application development with the best app development tool is as right as rain will improve the performance and experience of users. Don’t hesitate in using the different platforms and software for iOS and android for developing the app. Through this article, helpful knowledge is provided in selecting the best available mobile app development company as a service for a mobile app development project.

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