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How do you choose the right contractor for your project?

Even a simple construction project can turn into a frustrating experience if you end up with the wrong contractors. Therefore, choosing the right building contractor for your project is critical to the success of your project. It is important to hire an outstanding construction contractor with years of experience and an impeccable reputation. The truth is that you will find more than enough building contractors in your area to choose from. Most of them will likely land the job, but you don’t want to risk making the wrong decision.

Choosing the right building contractor means the completed building will be all that you want. It also means that the construction process will go smoothly without any delays or defects. It’s not worth hiring a construction contractor who will either fail to keep their business up to your standards or not be able to deliver what you want without any hassle. You may want someone with whom you can work and communicate easily.

Here are some things to consider when deciding which contractor to hire for your construction project:

A good business relationship

The contractor you hire must be someone with a proven track record of reliability and integrity, and who is able to maintain a strong and close relationship with their clients from start to finish. You should be able to fully trust him with your project without any worries or doubts.

Referrals and references

Many contractors provide references from their past clients with whom they worked. It is very important to contact these references directly to obtain more information about the company and the people who are considering your project. Check if their list of repeat customers is long enough. Ask those references regarding the builder’s services after the project is completed and the final payment has been sent. Is this company determined to provide quality services and win recommendations from its clients? The answers to all of these questions will help you make the right choice.

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Experience includes not only how long the company has been in this work, but also the type of work you typically do. For example, it wouldn’t be right to hire a contractor to build a clinic if all of their experience was in building manufacturing facilities.

 Financial stability

This is one of the most important things to add to your checklist. Be sure to check the company’s financial references, such as banks and bond companies. Ask the contractor for an insurance certificate to confirm that it is properly insured. You want to be sure that you hire a contractor who will be there long after the project is completed.

Payment Process

Check out how they pay sellers and subcontractors. How does the company guarantee the landlord to send payments on time? How do you protect the owner from any potential foreclosure on his property? Ask those around you, because a company that usually delays payments to vendors and subcontractors will have that reputation.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

You may not be really interested in building a LEED-certified building, but most people want to know whether or not their building will be energy efficient, given the increasing cost of energy. So be sure to ask the company regarding their experience in sustainable building. Also, check if they have a LEED-certified professional on their team.

Schedule and Budget Compliance

Check the contractor’s past record of staying within the project owner’s budget. The low upfront price will not be beneficial if you are frequently exposed to change orders, as this will cause the project to exceed your budget. Also, ask their past clients how well a contractor is doing when it comes to complying with schedule and getting projects completed on time.

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