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Pandemic has hit us hard. With social distancing, and stay-at-home norms, it has started affecting mental health. Especially, for the elderlies who are at more risk of contracting this virus. I have seen visible changes in their happiness levels. They seem sad, stressed, scared all the time. That is why I got funny gifts for grandma when her birthday came this March. I was so glad to put a smile on her face.

My Burritos blanket had her in splits and she loved my sloth coffee mug. It was really heart warming to have her forget Pandemic for a day.

Why I chose funny gifts for grandma?

I have spent almost all my summer vacations, winter vacations with my grandma. She means a lot to me. She needed cheering up and I did the best I could. You need not restrict buying her gift to birthdays. Just get her something funny any day.

  • When the young people in the family share some jokes or tease each other or indulge in some fun conversations, grandparents might not feel a part of it. This is majorly due to generation gap that leads to the difference in opinion. Grandparents might find it difficult to understand what’s funny for the younger members and youngsters might not understand grandparent’s sense of humor. This is why grabbing an opportunity to enjoy some common jokes or to entertain the grandparents with some humor is a perfect plan.
  • Funny gifts are the easiest way to introduce some humor in otherwise dull life. A funny piece of home decor, a poster with funny saying – things that are visible most of the time can cheer them up instantly. Picking items like these for birthday gift or any other gift are a great way of bringing some laughs.
  • It will help you honor the bond you share with your grandma. A funny twist to otherwise ordinary gift can make it more special and will last longer in their memory. It might be costly or an affordable gift, it will forever be cherished by your grandma.
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Things to remember when picking funny gifts

  • Understand what’s funny and what’s not. There is only a thin line between what is funny and what is rude. Do consider the generation gap and that your sense of humors are largely different. What’s funny for you might be offensive for your grandma.  You should look for light-hearted, unbiased humor when picking funny gifts for grandma. That is what will please her.
  • Home decor, kitchen items, elderly care items top the charts when picking gifts for elderlies. But keep an open mind. Explore different categories. Buy something unique. Buy something that will suit your grandma’s lifestyle and her preferences. Look for something new and fresh.

How to select funny gifts for grandma

  • Recall a funny incident that happened in past. From your childhood, or your parent’s childhood or better if its from your grandma’s childhood if you have heard the stories. Pick a gift that’s a reminder of that incident. It will bring back fond memories and put the widest smile on her face. 
  • Look for her favorite joke or a funny scene from a movie that makes her laugh every time. You can get the scene or joke printed on a t-shirt, mug, wine glass. If its a dialogue, you can get it engraved on number of items. Personalized funny gift is way better than a funny gift. Think how much your grandma will love it.
  • Talk to her about comedy shows/movies that she enjoys. This will also give you some ideas about what to get for her.
  • Or look for some popular jokes about old age or grandparents. Nothing sarcastic or offensive. Remember light-hearted. We don’t want to embarrass anyone. We just want to bring out few laughter. Something that tells her she is way cool for her age. 
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Some Gift Ideas for Grandma

  • A cool coffee mug
  • A funky bag
  • Towel with funny quote
  • Quirky Calendar
  • Wall poster with funny quotes
  • Her favorite comedy movie poster
  • Her favorite joke printed on a mug
  • Funny blanket

Few parting words

Grandparents need us as they grow old and they have very little of their own to do. They need us even more in these Covid times. Spend time with them. Talk to them as much as possible. Teach them how to use video calling to get in touch with friends and relatives. And every once in a while surprise them with humorous gifts to remind them they are the coolest people you know!

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