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Standing on the curb and waiting for a taxi to suit your ride is an old story. We are all familiar with how we can get taxis according to our specifications using online taxi booking applications like Uber. Cab booking app development has understood the need to commute daily and is offering scheduled rides so that customers will get a reminder just before the ride time.

The key to becoming successful in developing an app like Uber is choosing the right target audience. Choosing a locality where there is public transport covering every nook and corner of the city would be futile for taxi booking applications, as people are likely to prefer those commuting services over taxi booking apps. While developing an application like Uber, choose a country where there will be a good reception among customers for taxi booking apps. For instance, India would be a great choice, considering the traffic conditions prevailing in the country, people are likely to use the taxi app over the regular ride services. Here are certain statistics that show the growth taxi booking apps will have in India:

  • The revenue of the ride-hailing and taxi segment is expected to reach $19.73 million by 2020, as per Statista reports.
  • The Indian market size is estimated to have around 1.9 million taxis, and the estimated revenue for the year 2019 is $11 billion.
  • The annual growth rate CAGR percent between 2020-2025 is 22.9%, resulting in a revenue of $55.34 million by 2025.

Reasons for choosing India for taxi booking apps 

Lack of abiding traffic regulations: India leads the world in the number of traffic-related deaths. People find it stressful to travel on their own in such conditions. It is one of the main reasons for people turning towards on-demand ride-booking apps. Even in difficult times, such as COVID-19, Uber and Ola have found enough customer bookings to maintain a stable market presence.

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Unreliable public service timings: The public transportation does not operate on a fixed timetable. People who have to reach their destination at the specified time do not find these services trustworthy. On the other hand, people can book the ride and immediately get the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) using an app like Uber. ETA is calculated considering various factors such as traffic conditions, distance to be covered, and so on. It is most accurate, so customers can plan their activities more conveniently. More than 70% of public transport users rely on cabs and autos. The current scenario could be best utilized with taxi booking apps.

Top functioning ride-booking apps in India 

Let’s discuss the top functioning taxi app development services types in India. This list would also be suited for countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, and so on, as these countries have similar traffic conditions as that of India.

Dedicated Taxi booking app 

The taxi booking service can act as an extension of your traditional taxi business. The demand at the moment is for the taxi booking services; businesses can enhance their prospects by shifting to an online taxi service providing platform. The features for the dedicated taxi booking apps is similar to that of Uber. But the only difference is the drivers and vehicles who are part of the business provide services through the app.

Key features of  Dedicated taxi booking service are

Geo-location tracking: Customers can choose the “My location” option and conveniently book the ride instantly using the taxi booking app. Customers can track the current location of the assigned vehicle using the real-time tracking system.

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Payment: There is a variety of digital payment and in-app payment modes for customers to choose from. The simplicity of the payment modes gives customers a sense of ease as it offers a secure and simple method of transaction.

Notification: Customers get notifications as the status of their order changes. As the new rider gets assigned, they get instant information through push notifications.

Ratings & Reviews: Customers can rate and post reviews about the taxi service availed. This will enhance the credibility of taxi drivers as more customers are likely to prefer the top-rated drivers.

Shuttle booking services

The shuttle service operates for specific locations such as airports and railway stations. Another type of shuttle service is operating for a specific company or organization. The main advantage of this business is that the uncertainty regarding the profits is resolved. Corporate travelers commute on a regular basis using these services, so they will receive regular income. Uber-like app development in India can be focussed on corporates as the area is unexplored, so the chances of becoming successful are high.

Distinctive features to include in corporate-based shuttle service

Valid ID: These ride services are specially designed for employees of an organization. By entering an Employee ID, it can be ensured that only the company’s employees use the shuttle service.

Ride details: As per every employee schedule, the ride details such as ride timings, driver details, vehicle number has to be provided to the employee.

Notification: If there are any changes related to the ride schedule, then the employee must be immediately notified via push notifications. Employees can also set reminders for their rides and they will be notified prior to the ride.

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Taxi aggregator app 

For people who are starting their business from scratch or for startups, taxi aggregator apps would be the right choice as they do not need to own the fleets of cars or vehicles to offer the service. They can start the secure verification process for every driver and enroll them as they come.

There are various subcategory within the taxi aggregator apps

Carpooling app: Customers traveling on the same route are matched by the app’s algorithm. They can travel at a reduced price as the ride is shared among the members.

Bike taxi app: These apps offer both bike rides and cab rides. Customers can choose the travel mode as per their convenience.

The development process for building mobile apps like Uber is similar for both, with only a few changes in the ride price calculation for carpooling apps and adding another mode of transport in case of bike taxi app development.


The taxi app development in India holds a huge scope for new contenders. Being a densely populated country, there are also customers to use new taxi booking services. Entrepreneurs can offer localized support to customers by offering features to shift to regional languages as per their convenience. This may not look like a great change, but it is enough to set your app apart from others. A reliable USP will set your taxi app stand out from the competition, so device the required methodology to achieve that.

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