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Nowadays, plastic bins are necessary stuff for everyone to carry, store, and package things. Several kinds of bins are there to package and store various types of items & elements, either it may be liquid or solid. There are different norms & measures to consider while using bins as various bins can’t accomplish distinct types of works & chores in the industries.

Firstly, a plastic bin should be strong & durable. It should be stackable & nestable. It should be fit for different types of industrial chores.

Criteria for bins which are used in food processing &agricultural industries-

The bins that are composed of food-grade polyethylene and the bins which are marked in the food-grade standard should be chosen & recommended for carrying& storage of food materials.

There are also a lot of norms &measures to be taken while choosing bins for food-related enterprises. They are:-

Bins that are used in food industries should be labeled as food gradable in the description. It should be suitable for food processing & health care industries, so for this purpose 1H098 50 L vented plastic crate and 1H012 vented seedling tray is best. Besides this, Milk crates should be highly strong & durable to store and transport milk cartons, milk bottles, and much more.

Moreover, stackable& foldable plastic bins and containers should be preferred, if there is a shortage of space for stocking & storing goods. So, stackable, nestable, and foldable containers are fit & suitable for storing purposes.

The primary feature of the bin is the lid, so it should be properly checked for its durability, stability& suitability as every model of bins are different and have several shape and sizes.

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Ice- cream containers & Take – away containers are unsuitable for long term food storage as they can’t withstand repeat heating & freezing. So bins which fall under these categories are incompatible & unsuitable for long term contact with food chemicals & can start to leak out. So in this case, bins which are labeled as food-grade & retain high durability or stability can only be preferred. A grade plastic bin bins can only resist cooling rooms, storeroom refrigerators &freezers. Bins and craters should be suitable for washing & high-pressure cooling.

For packing, stocking, and displaying there are several crates, so for storing and packaging things different types of bins should be preferred like:-

Jerry cans- Jerry canes are used to store, stock, and transport a variety of food, liquids & granules.

Apple crates, Butcher ‘s crate, or food crates are especially convenient for food storage in the fruit & vegetable packing, storing & processing industries.

Vented crates have ventilated slides & bases,and this ensures that the items stored in them do not degrade in quality. The vented crate bins are excessively used in the food processing and manufacturing industries. Prawn crates, Bread & confectionery crates, produce crates are vented crates.

Mega bin & pallet bins – This kind of plastic bin is designed for the storage & transport of all rural produce including fruits, vegetables, grapes & olives. Mega bin results in less bruising and damage to your produce.

Plastic covered bins- These bins subsist and used for displaying many products like Bread & bakery items, fruits, dry- fruits, salads, biscuits, etc.

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Like food industries, there are many other industrial aspects where plastic bins  and crates are used. There are various chemical industries, hospital plastic trays, automotive plastic crates, plastic trays for tool sheds, and workshops.

Criteria for the bins which are used for chemical industries –

Bins should be highly stable and durable to resist strong chemical, it should not react with chemicals to avoid corrosion. Bins should be spill-proof to avoid spillage as it would be dangerous for workers &employees. Plastic bins should be reluctant to the extreme temperature of heat & cold. Bins should be easily forklifted and movable from one place to the other.

Bins that are used in storage & transport of fuel- Jerry canes are there to store &transport fuel and other flammable materials safely. It’s self-venting nozzles prevent plugging & accidental spillage & it is constructed & designed with high-density polyethylene plastic, making it perfect for fleet operators, tradesman, and contractor.

Bins and plastic trays which are used for tool sheds and workshops –

Trays that are used in tool sheds should be strong, reliable, and resistant to scrapes or scratches. It should have easy grips to handle, as grips help to transfer tool – shed trays from one place to another.

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