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As a business that wants to reap the benefits of email marketing, the first step of the process is to get your hands on effective direct mailing lists. These lists are going to contain addresses of potential customers that you can send marketingmaterial and offers to. Now the whole idea of a marketing campaign is to reach individuals that can be converted into customers and ultimately get sales. So there is no point in sending out tons of mails to random addresses when you are not sure if the people receiving the material would be interested in your product or services. To make sure you have amailing list that is targeted and relevant to your business, you can use different methods. This article is going to explain the most effective methods for getting a targeted direct mailing list for your next marketing campaign.

Buy Targeted Email List From A Reputed Marketing Data Provider

This method is the quickest and easiest way of getting targeted email lists that are relevant to your business and campaign goals; you can opt for it to include the direct mailing address of a potential customer. If you buy a targeted email list from a reputed marketing data provider such as List Giant, you are going to save a lot of time. Compared to finding email addresses on your own or sending out marketing material randomly for your campaign, buying an email list is also a lot simpler. A well-reputed marketing data provider is going to provide you with warm email addresses and direct mail lists of prospective customersthat have an interest in what you offer. Email leads that you get from an experienced agency are going to be filtered and targeted, thus guarantying the success of your email marketing campaign. There are a lot of email lists for sale online, so make sure you only buy one from a reputed marketing data provider.

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Use Your Website to Collect Relevant Email Addresses

Using your company or business website is a great way to generaterelevant and targeted email lists, using which you can, with various promotions, acquire the physical address of your potential customer. In the modern business environment, businesses ranging from family-owned flower shops to billion-dollar enterprises rely on websites to reach their customers. That is why using tools on your website is a go-to and low-cost method of collecting email addresses. Specifically speaking, you will want to have a section on your website that allows the visitors to provide their email addresses to you willingly. Now there are a few ways you can get your website visitors to provide their email address to you as explained below:

Pop up forms: APopup form as the name suggests, is a popup visitors get when they visit your website. A popup provides information or a solution to the visitor a motivation to enter their email address into the field. A pop up can contain content such as an offer that a customer can avail by entering their email address. It might also provide useful solutions to a problem that the visitor might be facing.

Landing pages: Landing pages are not to be confused with regular WebPages of your website. A landing page is designed so that it effectively gives visitors a call of action. Similar to the popup form, the landing page contains content of visitors’ interest, but a lot more information can be provided with the help of a landing page. The content of a landing page is going to be focused on a single topic and a form where visitors can enter their email addresses to get more information and updates regarding the subject of interest.

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Use your social media presence:You can use your Facebook page to run contests and other offers. This feature has been enabled by Facebook recently and it is an effective way to build a targeted email list for your email campaign.

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